Friday, October 29, 2010

Sydney3: x 2

Buried deep in the heart of the city, nestled quietly away from the prying eyes and beat of Oxford Street, lies new bar Gotham. Inside, it is un-apologetically modern - not surprising giving the fit out if from the commercial maestros of cool - Squillace Nicholas - they of Hugos Manly, The Shore Club (original not the shit-not mess its become), and Prema Hair on Crown (5/490 Crown St Surry Hills NSW 2010 +41 02 9360 8080).

Gotham's New York flair is blended with the subtle decadence by the way of high back booths, chesterfields and the crimson leather-stud bar in front of the back-lit clock which further pays homage to its namesake, the city that never sleeps. Gotham - 35 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW p. +41 02 9283 1891 (Sun - Sat 12pm - 12am)

Sydney3: x 3

Those afternoons, mainly Thursdays, when it's not quite the weekend, but the week has kinda petered out. And all you want to do is watch the November sunset over the city, slightly stinging your eyes as you yawn and slump further into the stained wood seat, as a cool wind blows, across a pretty little roof top bar.

Pop-up bar The Doghouse is quite the place for that. The outcome of the Drambuie "The Premise" competition, The Doghouse was fitted out by Adele Winteridge of Foolscap to be reminiscent of the 20's and is the brainchild of Melbourne cats Rob Dumaresq and Hugh Gurney. Open Thursday - Sunday for a limited time, visitors can get a taste of the casual cool that speakeasy bars stood for. Environmentally sustainable materials were used for the fit out - the stained plywood tables (that can be folded into the walls) are as per the original secret concealed spaces that the 20s bars were about. Vintage furniture is set out, to flow around a central birdcage, and bottles are used as decor, hoisted by a jute rope and pulley system.

The perfect place to stop pre-post art exhibition or simply to melt the weekaway. Shh don't tell - but its located at The (East) Village - 287A Liverpool St, Darlinghurst. Thursday - Sunday 6pm to 12am.


Muggy little Fridaispiration, dreaming of the weekend.
'Empty Queenie' -

antimodel Tony Ward, wife Shinobu and baby Ruby shot by Steven Perilloux Friday rainbow
colourwashed Lara @ Ksubi (MAFW) 2011 resolutions? Braazile it could be worse. you could be this guy... Natalie Deemusic is the way of the future and the lessons of the past

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've blogged my girl crush on little Lykke Li once before. The darling of the Euro-chic music scene, and the reason that high buns became mainstream, LL is A+ amazing.

And so too is her incredible new single, "Get Some". A bit big band retro, a bit fresh electro, she's got my vote as a Summer anthem when the vodka-blood oranges are flowing freely in the deapths of a dark dark, sweaty box club (ala Chingalings) where the boys are gruff and brooding and the sense of anticipation is at boiling point. Check it out here. Lykke Li 'Get Some'

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Man.

Rarely do I spotto something that makes my heart race as much as The Man campaign put forward by FCUK does. I don't know if it's THE man, the cinematography, the VO, the clothes, or the combination of all but it makes me weak at the knees with lust.

FCUK has been noted as having pushed the boundaries with their marketing campaigns for years. I can't comment for whether I feel billboards with 3m high "FCUK" type is standout (more than the obvious) but they have definitely evoked the brand essence in this work. The Man manifesto can be found online at - and the videos draws on classic gender stereotypes. I am TOTALLY obsessed with these.

It will come as no suprise that this was developed by Fallon London.

The Man

The Man Likes His Trousers

No shoes

Mantle (s)Place

Queen of a treasure, I have tea cups, vases, a milk-server-slash-cow and little boxes stashed through my house full of little things that I hide away from the world. Whether it be a pair of Tiffany earings from an ex-boyfriend that I don't want to see or wear, or the pic that was handed to me by the bass player of KISS, there are plenty of things I hold dear that I have to keep safe.

Cutesy much these stunning "Animal Boxes" from designer Karl Zahn. Made from New Growth Beech Wood each one represents a power animal - a symbol of individual ambition, and the simplicity of the design is not for effect but for the symbolism of the animal to be maintained. I love the lama.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Summer is blowing in so, so gently, that it feels time to forget about the year and slip quietly backwards into an ultimate state of quiet. The simplicity of closed eyes, arms open, welcoming the freshness of a new year.

Nothing spells reflection like the environment you're in, and Paul Babera sums that up in a nut shell via his personal work "LOVE LOST" - an ongoing narrative of women in their space. A Melbourne-ite but spreading his love and works between Australia, and Amsterdam (and all that is inbetween), Barbera is an establish interiors and fashion photographer shooing for titles such as Elle Decor, Grazia and Vogue Living

A friend and an idol, PB is just so right. And makes me long for the sojourn skipping close by on the future. *for Guui

Not judged on belts alone

There has been a multiple mutter - "you've won the battle, but I'll win the war" - of late, and I think I should start taking lessons from Farah Malik and Dana Arbib. Born of a personal pact between the Pakistani Muslim and Libyan Jew respectively, A PEACE TREATY, is a socially aware company, creating employment for skilled artisans working in places of socio-political strife. Supporting not only art, but elevating it to international audience awareness.

Inspired by Asian, Middle East, Africa and the hand-crafting cultures within, the stunning accessories not only connect the fashion-pact with incredible wears, but also introduces a level of awareness many wouldn't otherwise come across.

Seasonally, A PEACE TREATY travels to a particular region of the world and seeks out local villages where artist are engaged to re-define an accessory, creating limited edition pieces in unique, regional colourways. This season, the focus was 3-fold - with pieces being influenced by Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan and the aesthetic of desert life.

I've snagged a few of my favourite pieces below - and they can be bought from the A PEACE TREATY website.
TACHA (baby alpaca/silk blend 72" x 24" $260)

GARDEZ (handmade bronze/antique gold plated two finger ring $190) CARALLILAC (baby alpaca/silk blend 72" x 24" $260) JORM (handmade bronze/antique gold plated amulet ring $120)CAMARIECRU (baby alpaca/silk blend 72" x 24" $260)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Another day, another Kate Moss shoot. And I promise that this one didnt just catch my eye because its for Vogue Paris... it's because its stella hot modelling at its finest. This is why Madame Moss is uber #1. Looking healthier, younger, more incredible than shoots of a while have shown.

Shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, Moss was styled courtesy of Emmanuelle Alt (Vogue Paris' Fashion Editor).


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