Thursday, April 30, 2009

A special little playlist for a very rainy day!

Lucky Little Poppets! On a very dreary day Down Under, and an equally dreary day on the You-Ropean Continent, we bring you some music to smooth too xx Grab yourselves a tea, wrap your little chilly-chin up in a woolly knit and get You-Tubing!

White Lies "E.S.T"
White Lies are the (self proclaimed) West London Trio who are glowering, glistening, moody, magnificent, cheekbones-of-granite, stone cold future of Rock...we're not sure about that. But we like 'em!

Peter Bjorn and John "It dont move me"
What happened in 1999? Peter Morén, Bjorn Yttling and John Eriksson formed sort of a supertrio that year. Or, at least some of their friends thought so. We might have been celebrating our Yr10 formals but if we had've taken the time to listen, we wouldve dug these Stockholm puppies then, like we do now!

Röyksopp ft. Robyn "The Girl and the Robot"
Turn this one up loud, sway with your hands in the air and get your ET disco fingers on... WOOOOOOO. Love this collab!

Bat for Lashes "Daniel"
Cant get enough of this track. Like seriously crave it first thing in the morning! We also caught it on Fbi the other day and turned up the car stero to 27. Its SERIOUSLY good music.

Phoenix / Wolfgang Armadeus Phoenix {New Album out May 25}
We got our hands on a copy of the new Phoenix album and think that its one of their best. Its like a little bit of summer on a cd - Track 4 is a stella Air/Lindstrom/Röyksopp sounding mash up - keep your ears peeled for it. Check out what is being hosted on their MySpace now and get a copy as sooooooon as it hits the shelves!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pretty Little Autumn Treats

Just because we see beautiful things and think I DIE™, doesn't mean that we're not fussy...

It took a month post-birthday to find something desired, and then we stumbled on GK Designs which is super simple, but statement at the same time. We tried to coerce our friends into making the purchase, but in the end had to settle for mum's credit card. Keep your eyes peeled for these little peaches hanging around our necks...mixing it up with the Tiffany & Co Elsa Peretti® Madonna pendant for a little sum-thin, sum-thin extra!

{p.s. They say you should NEVER mix your golds...we disagree. Wear what you want, when you want with a fresh face, mega smile, and gladiator heel and you can't go wrong}.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sangria on a canvas

A beautiful day turns into a beautiful night when your spirits are kept high by an Italian artist, and a little Spanish bull.

Our friend Valerio Arduino Gentile suprised Mo with "Muskio" after a fly high night of floral tights and bleary eyes on the town in Camden. We love it, love, and want to share his fluid feeling with you too. Buona night beautiful l'uomo e il suo toro xx

Monday, April 27, 2009

In the pursuit of Ikigai...

The time has come, our dearest friends, that we take to the web and upgrade from "For Valentines Day..."

Chris Searl has become today's little fave... Monster Children Magazine publisher and photographer extraordinaire, we're loving his sexy-sexy=summer-side flair which evokes a little bit of who we are, where we're from and where we're going. On top of that, we love Pania (but we love the Newy groms more.) Check out this talented little pumpkins' website now...

Hearts and snaps out to you Chris. We're excited that you're popping our cherry xx


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