Thursday, July 30, 2009


Not only is it one of our fave places on earth - Scando design, rows and rows of product with white and black labels, all squarish and the like - but Ikea sure does know how to rock out a marketing tactic.

Check out their new "Come into the Closet" microsite. Its true - everyone DOES love a little song and dance to sell a product!

If you're in ol' Sydney-Town head on down to the CarriageWorks (245 Wilson Street Eveleigh NSW 2015 - Corner of Codrington Street) and check out the THE IKEA HOME PROJECT which marks the 30th anniversary of the KLIPPAN sofa. Check out 31 one-off cover designs whipped up by some of Aussies' coolest designers - which are all up for auction (all proceeds go to the Victorian Bushfire Relief effort).

Specials to note include: Agatha Gothe-Snape's, the collaboration between Del Kathryn Barton and the Romance Was Born kids (yo A.P. - shout out!), husband and wife team Lindy Lee and Robert Scott-Mitchell's plus Stewert Russell for Spacecraft.

Masai. I spy.

People often let their eyes wander and catch on colour. A blue sky. A pink flower. A green bottle. A tanned limb. Sometimes, we get touched by the monochromatic, which is so powerful that it takes your breath away.

On a simple, clean, straight lined sofa, we'd like to see these little pups. A silk and linen mix, these Be Still Ikat design cushions make us want to scream with beauty. Ikat (or Ikkat) is an ancient style of weaving that uses a resit dyeing technique (think tie dye) on the materials before they are woven together. The mix of culture and tradition, fused with a modern look attracts us to these beauties.

In some beautiful, crazy way, these cushions are like life. The manufacturing process personifies growth and life, and the beautiful grace of it. The feel - smooth and silky - personifies the natural energy flow that every single person should embody every day to get there. Ikigai.


Someone once said (on Facebook) "nothing beats a hard boiled egg". The fact that Marie Claire and Donna Hay both offer full pages to this gastron-erific delight is probably testament to the fact.

Sarah Petherick (Bridge Farm, High Street, Butleigh - Somerset BA6 8SYUK, 01458 850430. E: makes eating eggs beautiful with contemporary, hand carved eggy spoons. Fusing classic design, with a contemporary twist, Pethericks fine arts background shines through. Being totally natural products (horn, bone and rose wood) each piece needs to be treated with special care and attention.

Each eggy spoon also features an egg detail on the end - exactly what you need if you have a specialised instrument for such a fine boiled art.

And to make the experience even MORE special - hook up the beautiful solid rosewood eggcup (with salt bowl). Such a tickle!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Follow your heart and love the pretty

Oh so many special little announcements floating around us at the moment! Babies being born, babies being expected, rings on fingers... its an exciting time and we're so happy that we get to share these special, life changing moments with our beautiful, beautiful friends.

Making these monumental events special for you and your loved one is so important. Adding a little bit of who you are, a personalised touch, into your event will make so many more memories for you. And letting the people around you share in that, only adds to the excitement. Why not let your friends share their hopes, dreams and wishes for you and your future. Some beautiful ways to consider below...

The "Wishes" Book - whether your expecting a baby, celebrating an engagement, a wedding, or even a special birthday why not switch things up with a beautiful art piece that will not only add to the day, but you can keep forever. Perfect for babies first birthday, or even as a wedding centrepiece, have each friend write their hopes for you on a Dandelion and then pop it in the base for a gorg display.

Having tea is so cute and lovely thing to do with the girls. Either relaxed in your lounge room, on a winter night, or out in a sunny field with an icy cold version, the benefits of drinking tea are outstanding. For the next special tea event, or even to make any other day special, get your paws on these Personalised Tea Bags. Each teabag is customized with a label that says the tea-blend date and a monogram. Bless.

Monday, July 27, 2009

voyeur "one who looks"

Yes, its kind of creepy, but seeing into the private world of fave little artists, musos, designers and the like, fulfills a need to understand the creative world we live in. What drives these people, what stimulates and prompts the interesting, the weird, the commerical and trends.

The Selby features photographs, paintings and videos by Todd Selby of interesting people and their creative spaces. Featuring people, their homes and their work spaces... such as Peaches Geldof, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld (Daughter of French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld) Michael Stipe and partner, Thomas Dozol (Signer for R.E.M. and acclaimed artist), Susien Chong and Nic Briand (Designers for Lover) plus Sydney kids that we see in our little city playground (Aimee bayliss, Nathan Smith, Anne Ryan, Natalie Wood, George Gorrow... etc etc) the Selby is voyeurism gone mad. And we love it.

The Selby Paris book is currently available... and we die for a Sydney version. Alternatively, we think you've made it once you feature on this pup's website... fingers crossed we make it one day. Your love and support is driving us towards it x {blow kiss}.

oooo Petit Mal!

oh so the new Vogue, comically genius and zine at it grandest. Produced by Jonathan Zawanda, Shane Sakkeus and Mark Vassallo Petit Mal takes strips off the try hard, the stuck in, the uber fashion obsessed.

Issue 3 is in the works and they are only printed limited edition so keep your eyes and grubby mits peeled for this peach. 3 of our fave Syd boys really keep this real, and have also teamed up with Annie to launch "Trust-Fun".

If you want to make your summer rock-rock-rock star get onto "Glory Scarf". Each one is mathematically valid (form) and the colour and detail creates a fusion of the real and the structured (energy). Each one is also completely unique and based on its own equation and represents a rare and organically growing monument, digitally captured.

Poke your tounge out at Missoni. Or Pucci. This one f-ing rocks.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

ahh a library..

Love a library.. especially when you’re waiting for the monthly cash flow to kick in and at home sick with suspected swine - but hey when you’ve got two mates also sick its epic. So the swine crew have been working their way through an array of ‘free’ great movies, docos and of course books.

Surprisingly also on offer at the lovely Westminster Library is a number of items not for the borrowing.. these are still free but definite keepers! From gorgeous calico book bags featuring charming little book worms, to booklets and brochures that are a must read - like an amazing booklet London Poems On The Underground that has become a London keepsake and will remain on the bookshelf for years to come.
This special booklet of London-inspired poetry provides a glimpse into a world in which cricketers and commuters, dreamers and lovers, tourists and immigrants, and the drunk and crazy travel across this amazing city. Thanks Boris for this little treasure.

Friday, July 24, 2009

we like it...

...monochromatic. chic. sporty. innovation. clean. designed. pure. streamlined. form. stripped. effortless. rigorous simplicity. total versatility. pure understated style. simple. subtle. directional. utilitarian.
Adidas SLVR film (A/W 2009-10).
Director: Theo Stanley / Mountain View. Editor: Zak Tucker. Music: Sam Wagster. Creative Direction: Pietsch Lim.

10 x 10_3

The third in a v. cool series, 10 x 10_3 features commentary by 10 of the worlds very best architects on the works of 100 international rising star architects.

Featuring more than 1500 achingly amazing photographs of structures that take your breath away, 10 x 10_3 showcases new material, design firsts and explores the idea of incorporating "green" into the basic foundations of shelter.

Additionally, each expert offers a short essay on their selected up and comer with rational as to why they feel the contribution to architecture has had, and will continue to have a profound impact on design. A perfect read.


Ahhh Fridays. One is locked up with the Swine. One is hitting the town. Both fantasising about summer days and sweet sweet sounds. Welcome to this Fridays MoHospiration.
Look: Polina Viljun photography. Striking.

Wear: Kate Moss for TopShop. Boho luxe.

Smell: Narciso Rodriguez "essence". Intense and Ethereal.

Listen: Kanye West ft Rihanna "Paranoid".

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MoHo ladies de jour

Top 5 lady loves of the moment:

1. Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger
So 1971 (hella, she was born in that year!). Daughter of Mick Jagger and Bianca Jagger.Babysat in The Factory by Bianca’s friend, pop artist Andy Warhol. Creative Director for Garrard, the English company dealing in high-end jewelry. Lives on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. über.

2. Caroline Sieber
Raised between Vienna. Spotted at a wedding by Anna Wintour and put on the Costume Institute Gala in 2005. Never wears the same thing twice. Stylist for wonders like Emma Watson. Fan of sixties-inspired dramatic eye makeup and mixing classic sophistication and boldness with androgynous accents. One of Five ladies picked as a emissaries for Chanel. DIE.

3. Alison Mosshart
Lad vocalist for the indie rock band The Kills (with zexy Jaime Hince). Stage name "VV" (HOT). Formed the super group The Dead Weather along with Jack White earlier this year. Backup vocals in the song "Dolls" with Primal Scream. SICK!

4. Marianne Evelyn Faithfull
Career has transcended 4 decades. 1965: hooked up with Mick Jagger. 1966: found only wearing only a fur rug by police. 1997: sang background vocals on Metallica's song "The Memory Remains". 2002: released Kissin' Times (featuring Blur, Beck, Billy Corgan and Jarvis Cocker to name a few). = AWESOME!

5. Diane Kruger
German actress and former fashion model. Made her on-screen debut in 2002 opposite Dennis Hopper in The Piano Player. Has been the hostess of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival. Style maven, wears Chloé better than Chloe.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sweet Music

A lot of places really don’t compare to the likes of the fishos or boathouse of lil Manly.. hmm who are we kidding London kills it. It oddly does seem like the place is full of musicians.. almost out of the norm when someone mentions they are of a different profession - especially Camden way. But just makes it all the more interesting and competitive for these poor chaps and chicks.

Two amazingly talented lads are JonPaul Palombo and Ben Cornwall from the Mannequins. We were lucky enough to hear Cornwall’s sweet music last week at the Hackney Empire – a stellar venue and an all round spectacular night. See them next 5 August at Catch Bar, Shoreditch, we guarantee you’ll be enchanted.

And we’ll have the pleasure of hearing the beautiful lyrics of Palombo July 21, playing along with a talented bunch at the Boogaloo in Highgate. This harmony-drenched, string-soaked indie-pop is simply lovely.

These boys are sure to have more musical magic up their sleeves check their sites for future appearances and summer hits.

THIS is chalkley

Cooler that the real cool cat Chalkley (Dean for those that don't know...) are these super sweet t's that are so damn rock star.

With a slogan like "The Chalkboard Tee. We make people popular" you know you're onto a good thing. Choose your own design, and then get a-drawin... so totally cute for the kiddles.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A little bit of luck luck

The "Bent Pin" is an age old tradition, a manipulated symbol that, according to Folklore, was offered to the water Gods, to give hope and grant wishes for all things needed. Like tossing a coin, throwing bent pins into water was thought to harness a deep connection between everyday living and the spirit world to answer prayers.

Thousands of bent pins have been found on the foreshore of the Thames and in London's holy wells. Kit Grover has made it easy on those who have gazed into the waters in the hope of finding an answer, by designing a pure gold version, bent into the shape of the Thames, that you can wear on your own some and channel the energy of this special source.

Of course, you could throw it into the Thames to maximise the chance of your dreams coming true...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Justin Williams @ Palmer

Such a smokin' hot hottie. And his work is pretty damn good as well. Don't miss Justin Williams' solo show "Between a Ghost and a God" August 6 - August 13, at Palmer Projects (238 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, 2010) .

We're very very excited to see our second favourite Justin... but wonder, who is going to feed his little possum while he's visiting us in the big big city?

MoHo thinks...

Think that we may be in LOVE with Cristbal Marambio. His shots are magic - seriously capture the sweet essence of the subject, raw and real. Check out his flickr... its a definate on our Hot Hit List.

Bolton. You'll love this.

We have a serious issue with commercial toys, that, all though get loads of hype as being educational and all child-development etc etc etc are mass manufactured, probably plastic-toxic and offensive to the eye.

So much more fun for children to learn via simple organic doing... being outside, learning on the go, choosing the things that they are interested in to develop their little personalities. Like Otto Komei... the three year old who saw the choppers being done up and decided that was his thing - leading to the build of The Rocking Horse by German designer Felix Götze.

So f-ing cool - THIS is the type of toy that kids should have! Something tells us little Cass the dude would love this piece of hard wear...

Cass. The Dude.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MoHo plays you silly

Some afternoon fun-times-tunes to play you silly. Its like a mixed bag of lollies... just keeps on giving and giving and giving.... mmm

Hot Chip - Transmission (Joy Division Cover)
This track just wreaks of fun. Think roof top bbq, sunset, sweet drinks, sexy boys and girls, secret smiles...

Tesla Boy - Spirit of the Night
Fruity cocktails with the ladies, Sunday night at twilight, pretty dresses, sky high heels, raspberry nails, salty breeze ruffling through the crowd... its a sexy story.

Sam Sparro - Pocket (The Presets Radio Mix)
A little bit more dance on than the original, but perfect for an afternoon stuck in the office, when you're ready to play, but no avenues to do it...

Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy (GRUM Remix)
The dance floor heat - the lights - the base..."I close my eyes on the dance floor, I forget about you, I lose myself in flashing colors, Ive gotta see it through"

Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
Reminds us of long summer Field Day's 04... bikini clad bodies reclining in the sun on the balconies overlooking Whale beach, ice cubes being handed around and mango juice being licked off pretty brown chins.

Who's really looking for love?

A little star who began showcasing his tagging talents at the age of 12, INSA became a boy wonder to the commercial set circa-2000.

Influenced by pop culture, society and "shiny stuff", INSA is well known for his fetish-styled work that started with tagging his name in heels, and has since translated to dominating whole walls, cars and canvas' in a mass of shoes, legs and bottoms.

Taking the shoe fetish in a new direction, INSA most recent lock-in is with Nike Sportswear to push the boundaries for the launch of the new 2009 Air Maxims. Craftily done, INSA shleped East London paining 35 frames in 7 days, showcasing the evolution of the ’87 Air Max 1 until today's little lush... all were then photographed and animated to create one sole installation piece.

Opening on July 17th at the Nike 1948 store in London, the exhi "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places" will feature large scale mixed media, canvas, photography and prints (as well as some siiiiick shoes). If you can, get down there. Pretty darn cool, cats. (Nike 1948, 1948 Arches 477-478, Batman’s Row, Shoreditch, London, EC2 3HH)


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