Wednesday, April 27, 2011


oh Mr Wang warm jumpers and cool shorts.

the beach shouldn't die with winter

lushcious The Man

FW. it's that time of the year. be thankful for minimal tone, cut, fabric and French inspired hardwear.

trip trip! Time to bask in the Philippines sun and sleep on Josees couch! (*Check her blog - she's amazing!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Naked squared not square

Slamming headfirst into winter there often aren't as many secrets that float through the nights. When the sun has ducked away and the tanned limbs become cold to touch, when smokey eyes give way to copper hues, sullen cheeks and sniffs, it's easy to forget how those sweet little glances really keep you happy.

Unless of course you keep summer alive by spicing things up with your own little reasons to instigate glances over glasses and midnight meetings. In maybe not so subtle ways.

Carine Gilson Theme Egerie silk crepe de Chine bra £200.00
Calvin Klein Envy lace soft-cup triangle bra £321.28
Deborah Marquit French lace balconette bra £131.91
Jean Byu Eden silk chiffon triangle bra £226.09
La Perla Feuillage tulle triangle bra £374.47
Stella McCartney Isabelle Daydreaming stretch lace soft-cup bra £376.60


Now is the time to make grand impacts. All of us, in a positive way. Imparting a message onto the earth that we know and we care and that we want our children and the children of our children to see the world in the beautiful sense that we can.

A collection of origami works by Takayuki Hori, these translucent, skeletal forms were created to highlight the environmental threat of pollution on bird species along Japan's coast. Given the devastation and the nuclear waste released into the ocean at necessity these are unbelievably haunting.

Each sheet of paper is printed with the images of an animals skeleton, including ingested human-made objects and then assembled into a 3D model. Set atop light boxes, the exhibition tells a sad ecological story that has only just been made sadder.


Someone once told me that you can't love everything, you can't love the world. It's an interesting balance in the context of this current little moment. Ask those around me who are making their two a one and they might tend to disagree. For those twos that will be a future it's an exciting time and I am on watch for the tiny touches that might make things that little bit more special.

For one beautiful bride I am playing spotto on jewels and as a seriously gorgeous type, wearing designer on a rival frame, she could pull any type of style off. Recently I stumbled on these - adding an interesting element to what will be an unbelievable and unique day.

Find Taara jewellery here on Shop Des Créateurs website. Also in English for those that don't speak French.

Taara Long Drop Earring USD$88.00
Taara Citrine Glass Mixed Material Necklace USD$113.00
Taara Crystal Band Pearl Necklace USD$137.00

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What's On: Daniel Askill "Modern Worship" exhibition

Daniel Askill is co-founder and director of the very excellent design and film studio Collider based in Sydney Australia. With recognisable work running the gauntlet from things such as Sia's "Breathe Me" vid clip (you know the song - the one they play during every reality tv breakup du jour), short film "Concrete Island" for ACNE, commercial work in between for Dior, Xbox and personal installations, Askill is one busy cat.

If you're in Sydney tonight, check out his new exhibition, the first for Gallery A.S. - a transient exhibition space run by Joseph Allen Shea. Titled "Modern Worship" the mixed media work brings together two modern events, the death of Michael Jackson and the 9/11 attacks, in a way that questions the viewers sentiment on modern ritual. And shows Askill's own perception of it.

Get there.

Wednesday, April 20 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Cnr Liverpool St and Forbes St, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia

Copper Spun. Ellery.

In my world, gold can do no wrong. The purest of metals which glimmers and and heals and purifies and balances energy. Gold encourages well being and health. Which is funny. Because copper does exactly the same - calming tiredness and restlessness. Which is what I need going into a five day long weekend. And Kim Ellery sure knows how to transfix you into that mood.

Ellery Spring/Summer 11.12 is a juxtaposition between serene and fierce. Its exudes femininity within its structured lines by utilising flowing fabric. I loved looking at these while being saturated in the sound of Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke "Ego". And I want to be saturated in this collection for winter.

Burial, Four Tet + Thom Yorke - Ego

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clean Up

It's so funny when you fully know yourself. When you know how one mood bleeds into another and then another and you can pick on Monday where you'll be on Thursday. I knew two days ago that Wednesday would be minimal. A clean slate from a Monday high and a Tuesday low. Introverted and sleepy eyed. Hazed. No surprise that Aalejandro Diazs' "The Human Project" posters have waited till today to appear on my blog. So simple and teamed with Kris Menace Love On Laserdisc Remix of Depeche Mode's "Fragile Tension" which is all high notes and haunting vocals.

The Human Project aims to the simple truth behind mankind - taking recognisable iconography and translating each meaning into an honest paragraph. Consisting of 10 x A2 posters, these personify why sometimes the page half empty is actually 2 x stronger.

An avant-garde, Dominican Republic based graphic designer Aalejandro Diaz focus is on great type, minimal and modern with solid conceptual thinking.

Depeche mode - Fragile Tension (Kris Menace Love On Laserdisc Remix)

Monday, April 11, 2011


Some nights you just need to break free. Be a brat and a little bit naughty. The pot stirring friend who sets the wheels in motion and watches them turn. And lets it all be funny and smart.

Created by Sapling Press and these funny cards are an excellent random present for someone with a great sense of humor.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

♥ Japan

Celebrate life by capturing the moments and the memories, while also sending wishes to a country caught in total despair.

The Lomography shop has released 3 limited edition cameras in honour of Japan's Golden Week. Each one has its on unique sense and purpose while also being beautifully designed in traditional woodblock and kimono prints. To top it off, 25% of each purchase will be donated to the Red Cross.

boasts delicate charm with its floral design and clean colours, symbolizing cherishing freedom.
It uses 35mm film that can be processed anywhere and can produce either square or half-frame photos.

sparkles with its intricate design and calming colours.
This medium-format camera promises dreamy square photos and unlimited creative options when paired with Diana accessories.

symbolizes the spreading of happiness and produces shots in a 170-degree radius.
Your subject is captured in a fun, compact circle in each 35mm print.

Freedom to Move

Try as I might but tight ain't right. Maybe 50/50 but never all out. And Peter Pilotto seems to agree. Clothes cut with a chance to move - panels, pleats and feather-light skirts, intricate sill-screen-print patterns tied in with clean yet complex lines. Reminiscent of '70s YSL (an inspiration) these clothes are made to collect and wear.

The best part of the collection however, are the shoes. Collaboration II with Nicholas Kirkwood, the range includes artist Donald Judd inspired sculptural heels - hollowed out, metal with lacquered finished inside minimal sculptures. Leather straps and Pilotto's incredible graphic prints - these are the things that dreams are made of.


Naivety is nice. The opening of endless possibilities, no restrictions or barriers of awareness. The decisions you make are based on blind-sight, fun, hopes and dreams, that you think make sense and feel right. Such as studying politics and history at university with the mindset that you can make a difference to the world.

Maybe it's my history, which makes me appreciate these posters. A Gen-Y girl at heart, with a passion to soak in as much knowledge as possible. Created by art student Jenny Burrows and copywriter Matt Kappler, the "Historically Hardcore" campaign compares ludicrous pop-culture feats with the awesomeness of historical badasses.

Seeing these type of campaigns remind me that no past experience should be filled with regret. And remind me that even though I may not have ended up with a portfolio behind my name, somehow, I ended up working in an industry with all of the opportunities in the world to make amazing and inspiring and passionate differences.


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