Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wintour Heart

We all saw The Devil Wears Prada, and as fabulous as the dramatics of the Hollywood interpretation of fashion was, we're almost 100% certain that they wouldn't/couldn't touch the true thing.

Dying to see The September Issue - Recipient of the Excellence in Cinematography Award: U.S. Documentary @ Sundance Film Festival - which follows the lead up to the print deadline of the Vogue September 2009 issue.

Director R.J. Cutler dares to go where many don't - trailing Anna Wintour - to European photo calls, fashion shoots, staff meetings (eeeek!) and the rest of the arduous task behind getting an issue of the worlds most famous magazine to print.

Call us pathetic, but the review which describes the film as seeming like "the Teen Vogue segments of The Hills" actually makes us want to see it even more!

Check it out at the Sydney Film Festival (Thursday 11 June 200909:15 PM State Theatre)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Higher and highest

Always on the scout for something that will make people walk into the room and be surprised but calmed, we stumbled on Loyal Loot Collective - a company based out of Canada that involves the individual and collaborative works of four great designers.

We love the Doha Chebib Log Bowls for the simple way that they take from nature (all trees used are hand selected, turned and finished) and include an acrylic paint, water based finish.

We'd love to use these in a bedroom or bathroom, to play against a cool interior. The natural elements bring in warmth, without ruining the overall feel of a modern home.

Definately good enough for Linda...

Beautifully displayed on London’s Marylebone High Street, is the city's first eco-luxury boutique, devoted entirely to beauty. CONTENT BEAUTY/WELLBEING is stocked with all natural products sourced from all over the world, for both men and women. Owner Imelda Burke cherry-picked each brand for its ecological commitment and its stylish product design.

We also love the interior/exterior of the shop that has smashings of vintage and modern; clean walls and hardwood shelving juxtapose the soft decorative accents that give Content its ultra calm vibe. We also love the interior/exterior because it visually represents how we see MoHo.

If you're traipsing London, stop in for some Stem Organics (Australia based company) and lush over this beautiful little store like we do.

CONTENT BEAUTY/WELLBEING, 14 Bulstrode Street, Marylebone, London, W1U 2JG, 020 3075 1006

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An Enchanted Bedroom (or Loungeroom)...

Live your life like a dream with a little bit of enchantment in a special place. These gorgeous and Australian made Cocoon Couture bookends could be used to hold your collection in your bedroom, photo albums or DVDs in your lounge room, or even your cookbooks in your kitchen.

Inspired by the enchanted woods of our youth and vintage wall paper, each item is carved from environmentally friendly ply wood and vanished with non-toxic coatings.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cool Cat Chalkey

Dean Chalkey is like a god... he is just, pretty damn awesome.

Majorly influenced by music (he was a mod until 1988 and then became an acid house mofo) Chalkey shot the most recent RayBan Clubmaster campaign, used to tell the world about the cool coloured specs, and included some pretty epic bands like The Kills (who we freakin' adore!) and The Black Kids. Shots below. Stellar.

DC print's aren't outta your league... you can buy art prints and postcard packs which are bangin'. A cool present for a boyfriend, or music loving mate is the Now Stand Tall! postcard pack, which includes ten 15cm x 21cm picture-card reproductions from the Now Stand Tall! exhibition (including Noel Gallagher, The White Stripes and Pete).

A weed that took over the garden

Love Fratelli Fresh, the cove of fresh produce and cheese galore! However, we LOVE Cafe Sopra's chef, Andy Bunn, even more.

With a wealth of fresh and healthy ingredients at his fingertips, he's the King of clean cooking.

Bunn is truly one of the only Sydney chefs who can balance texture and taste well and we adore the quote he gave Time Out Sydney when describing a memorable meal "At 21 years old I was invited to have my first Michelin restaurant experience in London and realised that glitz and glamour doesn’t always mean good food".

Sopra isn't glitzy, in fact its as DIY as you can get, but the food and the chef are gem.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Art Yulia

Born in Russia, Yulia Brodskaya moved to the UK in 2004 where she was able to explore her interest all things paper including origami and collage.

Since completing her MA she continues to experiment and explore ways of bringing things together... typography, paper, and highly detailed hand-made craft objects.

Imagine getting one of these little pieces of wonderful for your Birthday, or better yet, giving one to the person you hold dearest as something special just to say Thank You or I love you.

But Mummy, I want a Bobby Dazzler...

On a dreary day, with toes tucked into strap-up uggs, and the croon-tunes of Two Suns by Bat for Lashes lulling, the only thing that could make you more cosy would be a Bobby Dazzler.

With each having his own personality and made from reclaimed fabrics and buttons, Bobby Dazzlers are the perfect gift for a little peach or even something different for that person that has everything. Check out the cute Bobby Dazzler blog, and their site to order your own...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Updates Galore!!

- ACNE Jeans and all of their Lanvin collaboration glory are arriving in AUS... keep an eye peeled for the store on Sydney's Oxford St.

- A massive THANK YOU to the gorgeous, talented and sexy man, Will Styles, who helped find the little dance floor gem that's been pounding away and making us dance like maniacs xx ohhhh so ready for the weekend to roll around having listened to this again today!!

Sidney Samson "Riverside"

My Special Birthday Top 5 for Mo

Leah: I've taken over the blog (insert evil laugh) as a special one off, personalised note for Mo who celebrates her Birthday today BLESS!
Missing your best friend and partner in crime is seriously too difficult and I'm super excited to have her home with me in less than 3 months! To celebrate her birthday, and transition her back into everyday Sydney life and the things we love, here are my special Top 5 for Mo cat. LOVE YOU BLOSSY!

1. Take a ride on the Manly Ferry
The catalyst for our amazing friendship, the Manly Ferry holds many a dear memory for Mo and I. Her, wearing hot pink cheeks in winter as we make a dash to get Ad News and UK OK before missing the 7:30. Me, telling Mo I'd pistol grip her to safety if the Ferry sunk in big swells. Peppermint teas, strawberry jam baguettes, knit scarfs, berets and of course the odd Holga moment.

2. Cruise the titles at Ariel Booksellers
The ONLY place to buy a Paul Arden title, a Little Book of Happiness, or brand new Moleskin. Ariel is a very fun fun place where we've shared many a giggle.

3. Nails done in OPI Berry Shades
Mo and I only ever have nails in one of two shades: Neutral, or berry fantastic. Whether it be Moonsoonerorlater or Big Apple red, the deeper shade of Miami Beet or Senorita Rose-alita.

4. A Shop Shop here. A Shop Shop there.
The only stellar difference between Mo cat and I, is that she'll wear vintage and I won't. Try try as I might, I can't master it. Mo pulls it off effortlessly. Soooo if we were gonna shop for her birthday, the plan would be: Pick up Breeze Bree from Freshy and do a drive by of Splice*, Manly School Markets, Mint Shop (Manly), Fleur Wood (Paddington), the Corner Shop (QVB) Tuchuzy (Bondi), and then a sprinkling of high street thrown in for good measure.

5. Drinks a plenty
Nothing beats a night on the town with Mo... so special faves that we'd frequent to celebrate her Birthday if she was here include...

- The Shore Club (Manly) - Pete Mill is a doll face, and we love having a dance to the stellar sounds of Mr Mark Olsen.
- Bodega Tapas / Foveaux Bar and Restaurant / Lotus Bistro and Bar (Potts Point) - never enough time to drink all of the best wine and cocktails in the best ambiance in Sydney town, with Mich and Austin thrown in for good measure.
- The Gaslight Inn / Oxford Arts Factory / Qbar (Darlinghurst) - we loose ourselves in the looseness and f-ing LUUUUUVVVVVV IIIITTTTT!!!!

Alex, I love love you
Have an AMAZING birthday poppet

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ohh fancy..

Style goes psychedelic.. with the introduction of Mathew Williamson range to the H&M hangers. The mind expanding patterns and vivid hues are truely lovely.

Also be on the lookout for the new Kate Moss range. You can get all à la moss from 21 May – ohh mo’s bday how oddly convenient. Her range is based on pieces from her exotic travels.. hmm think cool morrocan bohemian hippy or bronzed golden Ibiza reveller.

The unloved

One film that has stayed in our minds for days is The Unloved. Samantha Morton's directorial debut is a powerful drama about a young girl unwanted by her mother and unloved by a violent father. This fictional tale gives such an honest and intimate child's-eye view of the care system (such an ironic name) in the UK. The young lead Molly Windsor as Lucy is so so amazing, she leaves you absolutely astounded at how tough this little girl is and how cruel and uncaring people can be. The last shot on the bus absolutely floored us - in those few minutes you could see Lucy realising her reality and lost hope. It has left us so so very thankful to have grown up on the sunny happy beaches with parents who simply just love us.

For the love of parks

Ohh my love of Hyde Park has been taken up a notch.. Thanks to the opening of The Serpentine Bar & Kitchen. Not only can you buy yummy homemade ice cream sundaes from a lovely 1970s HVan, you can get a minty G&T from a stainless steel Winnebago that’s been converted into a cocktail bar and also enjoy an outdoor Barbie... We can’t wait to sample the gorgeous hampers with names like Urban & Royal – includes Champagne, gorgeous selection cheeses and chutneys, glassware, china and a rug for two!

Also with the inclusion of The Serpentine Sessions you’ll want to spend the entire summer blissfully wandering the lush greens of this picturesque space. Serpentine Sessions were created to support unique, visionary artists and allow concertgoers to enjoy in a stunning location where the focus is completely on the music. We can not wait to hear the hauntingly beautiful folk-ish tones of the lovely Bon Iver – an absolute gem and true favourite.

Good food, music and surroundings.. The Serpentine really has it all.. But ‘surroundings’ should be heavily emphasized with the inclusion of this year’s Serpentine Pavilion. It will be the ninth year for this ambitious architectural programme, architects Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa from Japan will be responsible for the design. In 2006 Rem Koolhaas and Cecil Balmond created a futuristic round structure that let in plenty of natural dappled light. Olafur Eliasson (the artist behind the incredible Sun at Tate Modern) and Kjetil Thorsen took up the challenge in 2007 . They designed a structure that looks a little like a fantastic spinning top. And after the amazing 2008 structure designed by the legendary Frank Gehry this year’s creation has a hell of a lot to live up to.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Excuse me, Swatch the time??"

Do you remember your first watch? Was it a surf brand, leather strapped thing, with a revolving moon and sun to show you the tides? Or maybe it was white and girly, with a picture of Peter Rabbit on the face... Or maybe, it was a Swatch... all plastic strapped and cheap as chips, but ultimately the most stylish!

To take you back to that piece of lovely, we recommend splurging on a black strapped time piece from the Swatch Core Collection. We picked the following (in order from left) Something New Red Sunday Once Again.

If however, you want something a little special, then check out these GORGEOUS watches from Fossil. Whether you're a silver or gold person, there is one for you. And the fact they retail for under $200 is tres cool!

We ♥ Kate Gibb

Beautiful contemporary silk screen UK artist, Kate Gibb, is one lucky spring chicken! Her 'job' consists of designing not only beautiful works that dress walls to inspire their lucky owners, but also working with some of the worlds coolest bands (Chem + Simian Mobile Disco anyone??) on their sleeve art. She's also managed to find time to work with Levi, Lee, Adidas and Stussy. Busy girl!

If you missed her at Sydney's Semi Permanent, don't fret. She's the owner of a blog "This Is An Original Screenprint" where she talks about her work, inspiration and you can also express interest in owning one of her pieces.

What we do love about Kate is that she's the first to admit not everyone is born knowing how to thrive or succeed in their field of choice (and boy, don't us two over it advertising types know that)... We're constantly inspired by people living their One True Life. And we think that Kate's got the goods!

p.s. The lobster hands remind us of Daft Punk's Around The World video clip... one of Ho's fondest memories is of dancing to it with her little sister Danielle... solid!

Helllo Luva

MoHo style is very London-meets-Sydney, with our styles reflecting an eclectic/eccentric mix of old and new, modern and classic.

We're gatherers who borrow from the past and and let our style evolve over time to develop into a hearty tangible beast that warms you and draws you in. We feel like our style gives us and our friends relevance, a purpose and a reason for being.

We love love these Mali armchairs from Norman and Quaine, an Australian owned company, managed by two Aussie ladies, Interior designer Katherine Norman and industrial designer Caroline Quaine. All of their furniture give reference to Colonial Australia, however, these beautiful chairs could be placed in an ultra modern minimalist interior and still look divine. They consist of a solid timber frame with open weave insets and inner foam core with feather and foam wrap cushions. Our choice? Dark lacquered wood, with creamy-white cushions.

We feel like these chairs have at least a little bit of who we are, tucked up into them.

Monday, May 18, 2009

"Two Shues"

We're not going to tell you WHERE we found these (because we want to stock them exclusively) but we will tell you that if you're gonna wear Mocs, these are the ULTIMATE.

Email us if you likey and we can place an order for you. They do also come in huge range of colours so if you think that you may, for instance, want a pair in mustard we can probably make that happen...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

LUV-ING right now

Can't get enough of a couple of tracks hitting the waves atm and we thought we'd share share share with you! Bit of a mixed bag but we've had a pretty massive weekend that seems not to have ended.

Art Vs Science "Flippers"
Nothing like a little bit of Art Vs. Science hitting the speakers as you're ordering a round of vodka lime sodas @ the downstairs bar of The Shore Club!!)

Lady Sovereign "Lets Be Mates"
Prediction... this track is going to be MASSIVE. You heard it here first.

Jesse Rose feat. Hot Chip "Forget My Name"
Love love this German producer. A totally fun sound that is perfect for a Sunday night shoulder shimmy. Also love Touch My Horn Worth putting on your Canal Road boots and stepping out for this guy.

Dizzee Rascal feat. "Bonkers"
"Some people think I’m bonkers. But I just think I’m free. Man I’m just living my life, there's nothing crazy about me Some people pay for thrills, but I get mine for free. Man I’m just living my life, there's nothing crazy about me". If you know us, it says it all really, doesn't it.

Bag Raiders "Shooting Stars"
Still loving this track. Hasn't had too much commercial airtime which is a pity but once those MGMT kids get a hold of it, there will be no holding Nova back on playing this in one of their midday Friday party mixes.

P.S. There is this awesome track that is just starting to rock dance floors but we can't remember what its called...stay tuned ;)

Ride THIS cowboy

After an exhausting night trawling bottles of red with Bondi's finest (Juz and the Lowchen no less), spotting a cute brand was the last thing to be expected. But we did!

Loving Stannard Inc, an Australian based urban accessories label... it's a little step away from our standard jewellery purchasing, but we did happen across the Urban Cowboy range of wrist wraps which we're loving!

Wearing a DONT HARSH MY MELLOW cufflette right now and if you don't like any of the statements that are hand stamped ongoing, you can customise your own. We'll also be acquiring a LOVER NOT A FIGHTER bangle soon which is cuuuuuute!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keep Calm and Carry On

One of our favourite all time websites, where we often make purchases to spoil our loved ones, the Keep Calm Gallery are now selling the CUTEST giclee print*, Fairy Ring, produced from an original collage by US (Massachusetts) based artist, Amy Ross. All of the original elements came out of old bookstores and the things that Amy found on their shelves.

*Giclee (pronounced Gee’clay) is a French term meaning to spray or squirt. In giclee printing, no screen or other mechanical devices are used and therefore there is no visible dot screen pattern. The image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting. One of us has a Louis Icart and two (soon to be 3) Jean-Gabriel Domergue giclees in our apartment... tooooo cute!

UBS @ the Tate

If you happen to be cruising London Town for the bank holiday weekend, head to the beautiful Tate Modern for their free exhibition, UBS Openings: The Long Weekend 2009.

Not only are all events, films, music and performance free, the theme is 'Do It Yourself' - inspired by Arte Povera and Post-minimalism (love love Damien Hirst!)

Don't want to miss Jennifer West's Skate the Sky Performance (Friday 22 May / Turbine Hall / 19.00–20.30)... This talented US artist creates films, without cameras by manipulating the film process. She uses everyday objects (like lithium hot springs water, Jack Daniels and pot for the first example Naked Deep Creek Hot Springs of her 'Cameraless' series) to coat the film strip, which she then exposes to light pulses to create the imagery which is projected to form the installation.

Skate the Sky will see a new film created, live in the Turbine Hall, uniting an unlikely mix of ink, film and skateboarding, in a performance on the ramp. Wish we were there!!

We're also excited about Lucia Fischer's The Holga Diaries @ China Heights Gallery, Sydney. Cool chick, with lots of back alley stalking and wild Lomo prints. Reminds us of winter mornings on the Manly Ferry. Enjoy xx

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Well Now You Can

Now that the first homeowners grants have been extended somewhat, the market it gonna be heating up. Honestly, we think owning a Dream House made from diamonds is a much better option... Like these pumpkins from Philippe Tournaire Jewellery, Paris.

Why, we hear you ask, is it better to invest in a piece of jewellery? Well.... for one, it can be HUGE and still cost you less than a 1 bedder, you can show it off to just about anyone and not worry about stalkers following you home, it's still an asset and you don't have to worry about land tax or utilities (bar a little dip every now and then to keep him shiny). SUCH a good option!

And if you like to live you life as your own little island, Tournaire does a range of Solitary abodes... but we'd prefer a yellow gold Florida, or white gold Villa Florence thanks ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another T Mobile

Love Love these commercials... can't wait for the whole version to be released! And there is at least 1 more of the 3 part Sing-a-long ads to come! WOOT!

IMOK, pronounced "I" "Mock" - comes from the sentiment I'm ok.

It can be hard to live every single day looking for the pretty in the world... you end up in all sorts of predicaments... like having Scando/graffiti /modern / deco art covering the walls of your humble abode.
Finding something to pull pinks, dove grey, aqua, mustard and cream together can be a stretch for anyone, but, I think we've done it.

IMOK is an Australian based fashion, art and illustration brand that comes from the creative minds of Sandra Mason and Jen Roberts. Using a combination of water colours, traditional life drawing sketches, strong character work and stencils that are layered together, each design has a uniqueness which is hard to describe.

So beautiful and if you live in Sydney, check out the girls' work at Red Olive Studios, Manly.

Artist Unknown

Timothy Gray - Price: We can't find much about this gorgeous artist (we know he's in his final year at Art School in Canberra) but we tres love his work. If anyone can find a website for this little gem of a kid, please send onto us.

"Flowers in her hair..."

This is one look that we've been wearing for a while, and while 95% of people don't get it, we think you will.
It's that beautiful mix of bohemian femininity, that we live in the moment for... the headband featured in the picture is a DvF special.
If you're living your one true life, then wearing a little bit of love in a headband exudes your inner confidence and brightens up the world a little bit. Lush x


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