Saturday, June 27, 2009

Off The Wall

When the world is on your shoulder, Gotta straighten up your act and boogie down.
If you cant hang with the feeling, Then there aint no room for you this part of town.
Cause were the party people night and day, Livin crazy thats the only way.

Do what you want to do, There aint no rules its up to you (aint no rules its all up to you).
Its time to come alive, And party on right through the night (all right).

Gotta hide your inhibitions, Gotta let that fool loose deep inside your soul.
Want to see an exhibition, Better do it now before you get to old cause were the party people night and day.
Livin crazy thats the only way.

So tonight gotta leave that nine to five upon the shelf, And just enjoy yourself
Groove, let the madness in the music get to you, Life aint so bad at all.
If you live it off the wall.

Friday, June 26, 2009

All Natural

Strip it back. Strip back the fluff, the unrequired, the clutter. Live in the moment. Let it grow organically. Nurture your natural soul. Let the music move you.

Wooden Ipod Mini made by Australian Josh and Mango Wooden Radio made by Singgih Kartono

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Girl Grown

Whilst the fascination with Emma Watson could be disturbing, her impeccable styling and attention to detail is inspiring. This isn't a fashion blog - but this little thing truly understands how piece on piece works and we think she has fit amongst all things MoHo.

Not only is she the face of Burberry, Watson's rocked out some truly inspiring fashion in the new Teen Vogue. We point you too... plum lips teal taffeta fox fur throws silk forehead bows velveteen jackets.

This little girl is something more than many women and exudes a cool, calm, nonchalance that many people only dream of. We can't wait until the range she is designing for charity is released. Not only because Karl Lagerfeld is her confidant on the project, but because this little poppet seriously can't put a foot wrong.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Calm in a building

Sometimes, it feels like you're standing still and the world just whizzes past. A flurry of soft lights, cold winds, strange sounds that jar your senses and make life feel hard. The everyday can be an assault and if you don't have a haven to fade into, the wear and tear on your soul can get to be too much.

Today, all tired and fragile (thanks to Scotty Sax + Mr Mark Olsen...) we bring to you Lac Superieur Residence (Mont-Treblant - Canada). Designed by Saucier + Perrotte, and all straight lines and boxy like, many would find the starkness too sterile to be warming. But we think the simple clarity, natural light and natural materials give a sense of comfort and quality.

The floor to ceiling windows open you up, providing access to natural stimulation that we so often miss and lack during the 9-5 grind.

The sheer elegance of the building makes you want to pull on a cashmere sweater, mocs and snuggle up with a glass of red and a lovely little geezer to laugh with. Ahhh bliss... wish we were there right now.

Friday, June 19, 2009

MoHo Who? MoHo You.

A few lovely MoHo ladies to tickle. A little bit of Boho, a little bit of Soho, and little bit of Hobo. Just MoHo.

Thanks to Neil Krug and Sylvia Krzysztofek and Grazia for letting us feel inspired by their images.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disney Not so Princess

Once upon a time, Disney sent us a pack of lovely Disney Princess stuff to celebrate Disney on Ice in Sydney.

Dina Goldstein obviously doesn't share the rose tinted glasses view on life that we do... some not so pretty images of the golden girls below, that may be a sad reality but one we prefer to forget exists x

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bags cleaning up the bottles!

House parties are definitely the ultimate... cases upon cases of good times to be had, but then, when all of the karaoke, hook ups and rack ups are over, someone has to clean up.
We're putting our hands up, if it means that we can do something awesome with the bottles like these clever cats.

Mad Mex (Shop 2 / 241 - 247 Crown St, Darlinghurst 02 9331 7788) has a stellar Corona Chandelier that is made up of cascading bottles, and lacquered hard wood. Check it out on Glass Central Canberra, this beautiful piece could light up a dinner party over a dark wood kitchen table, or would work perfectly in a lounge room.... all soft lighting, polished concrete and the like!

Something altogether different is the use of bottles by Alex Beim - a multi talented GD / installation artist, who develops experimental and sensory installation pieces for clients and for fun through his company Tangible Interaction Design, that are stunning. Some of you may have even seen his balloons at work at recent Coldplay gigs. Check out his bottle wall which has an LED controllable light behind each bottle which is controlled by an on board computer.

Bottle wall (no sound) from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Justin Williams

Cant wait to check out this little poppet who does a stack of stuff for Insight, and many more talented pups @ 12x12 (Ambush Gallery, Sydney 4A James St, Waterloo Sydney 02 8339 0707).

The exhibition features 12 Australian artists, presenting 12 works each, with each one sized up at 12 x 12. Love it - very cute.

Pretty Little Piece

It can be super hard to find something beautiful and original that says a lot but at the same time, not too much. Like at Valentines Day, or the birthday of someone who is special but maybe not 'defined' as special - you know you have to get them something awesome, but the standard or the kitch just wont cut it.

Rachel Carley ceramics are the perfect gift for those times of need. A PhD-er in architecture, and proud New Zealand-ite, Carley's beautiful ceramic pieces are a range of pastel lovelies that are just right for a special occasion.

Try on her Heart Plates on for size... they come in a series of colours - either opaque glass or translucent - and trust us when we say that this is a much nicer gift to receive than the standard perfume or gift voucher. Mums or newlyweds are sure to love the petal dipping bowls which are seriously beautiful.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Burberry Oh So Right

Have always been a fan of this little poppet and we think that Burberry got it right when they chose the gorgeous Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) to be their new face in the labels Autumn/Winter campaign.

Achingly gorgeous, Watson has snatches of Carine Roitfeld-styling in the campaign, with dark brows (THAT obsessed), balayage (which one of us has been doing for a few seasons now) and an edgy cool that only a little one surrounded by beautiful young English lads can muster.

Of course the campaign was shot by none other than Mario Testino: the f-ing MAESTRO of cool.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Home of Feltidermy

Kate "Girl" Savage goes one step further. She's discovered a way for people to enjoy taxidermy without the killing an animal element... Feltidermy.
Kate stumbled on this very cute form of art when she was asked to mount an animal that could be worked like a puppet...and when she didn't have time, and ended up mounting a faux head, she loved the results - and so did we!
To own your own bunny head to or sub to her blog

Lady is a tramp

Flicking through our fave used book store, we stumbled upon "Maripolarama" - a compilation art book titled are the gorgeous and talented Maripol... an 80's icon who was responsible for not only the rise of the club-rat-Polaroid photo that we're fans of, but also styled Madonna during her 'Like a Virgin' days.

French-American Maripol is also responsible for the simple nonchalant attitude that we're often picked apart for, the simple arrogance of two girls who live every single moment to make themselves happy which is often more confronting to people than following.

Maripol famously said of the 80's "We didn't know (we were going to be remembered) - we didn't care. We lived in the moment" and of the release of the decade long Downtown 81 project "You always have to pursue things if you really want them...You have to prepare and market and push and convince." Too true darling - we couldn't agree more.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eco-Friendly Council

Inadvertently, we're very ecologically aware. Many of our favourite artists and designers favour using sustainable materials, chefs and restaurants we love only serve organic, and simply because of our lifestyle and where we live, we care about feeling the freshest, coldest, cleanest wind possible (especially when catching the ferry at 7am on a winter morning!!).

Because of all of these reasons, we were very excited to stumble upon an article about CH2 which is an environmentally sustainable headquarters in the heart of the City of Melbourne. More excitedly, is Council House 2 Restaurant (Shop 1/218-240 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 61 03 9639 7778) a beautiful restaurant serving (where possible) locally grown and bred organic produce.

Chefs Rob Kabboord (ex Claude's and Quay for the Sydneysiders amongst us) and Marc Brown (who once cooked for the f-ing Stones...WOOT!) send out contemporary and fresh dishes in the most idyllic of surroundings. Industrial space has been converted to feature a sleek bar, without compromising the integrity of the original building. Recycled timber tables and modern artwork complete this gorgeous restaurant.

Looking forward to checking this pup out with our lovely friend Lucas (in between glasses of riesling at Karen Martini's Melbourne Wine Room 125 Fitzroy St St Kilda, 61 03 9525 5599 and lushin' it at Cookie 252 Swanston Street Melbourne 61 03 9663 7660!!!)

Watching the clouds...

Clouds is an innovative tile concept for the home, designed by the internationally acclaimed Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, in collaboration with Kvadrat.

Evolving as you add elements and additions to the original installation, clouds provides an unexpected three-dimensional element to a room and adds architectural elements to an otherwise clean space.

Clouds allows the individual to be inspired by linear irregularity to create a personal vision and piece of window art.

Having been designing for over 10 years, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have designed not only for Kvadrat, but the well known (and stocked) Kartell and equally well known and regarded Issey Miyake. Well exhibited and awarded, these beautiful clouds are an amazing addition to a modern home.


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