Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More than a little

I had a conversation with my gorgeous friend Longy, about the creative direction that Sass&Bide have taken the last few seasons. Honestly, it wasn't all roses (though, it's ironic that i've dropped an easy $000 on pieces they've done over the last few months...) however there is no way I can fault their SS11 (nth) / AW11 (sth) 'papa sucre' collection.

It's a smart, sexy, 'designed' collection with what seems to be a move back to the simple elegance of great cut with a serious raw and organic edge shown in the prints, accessories and styling of their recent Fashion Week show.

The colours are so bang on - simply Australian, with a global attitude. I'm also in love with the front bun-slash-back-braid done by Renya Xydis and her talented team. My picks:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Walk the line

I can't remember for the life of me who shot these (but credit will be dealt if you contact me!) but found the shots and wanted to post anyway. Maybe it's a little freaky, but I'd love to decorate a playroom with something like this to make it okay to see the world a little wrong side up.

Sa Sa Sa Sauuuummmer!

Sydney sauced over the weekend with the divinity of Summer shining down. Bleached out bliss, of rays on white white sands, and the twinkle of fun hitting the waves.

Brisbane label Vanguard makes me think of Australian summer. The colours, the casual hang, the simple, sweet things that let you sit, all complacent, without a care in the world, soaking up the best time of your life.

Stocked in 60 stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Japan, Vanguard also just signed a deal with Bloomingdales and my good friend Mitch Beige Brown does a lot of design work for them. They also have a sweet little online store. www.vanguardfashion.com.au

Friday, September 24, 2010


You know what is ridiculous? Working so hard to be great, when you could work less hard and be yourself which is greater. It's such a simple thought but how many people actually follow it?

I walked into my office today and got sucker punched trying to do the right thing. Well two finger flat tires to that. If tomorrow wasn't a weekend, I'd throw on this FUTURE CLASSICS Goddess Dress in Sepia Magazine, some zip up clog booties, bed head ponytail, a fur and a kohl eye and I'd provide a blank face expression, that wearing a dress like this allows. (Unlined, 100% cotton with cut-out sleeves and a twisted slit at hem) $1406 USD.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I originally saw a Willy Verginer in *Wallpaper. A man, that went through the floor (or the ceiling) from one floor to the next in an advertising agency. And thought that it was a really interesting way to connect two spaces.

I think I want a pool. Rectangle. Surrounded by concrete. With a powder blue paint job, and edgeless lip, and a long, diving plank. And in the corner, by a fern and a spa (that is set aside, in a dark part, almost like a grotto), I want a Verginer man. Wearing goggles, all silent and still and cool, but with his little splice of colour, and looking over the still water, like a protector, as I lie in the sun. Hot concrete against cheek and the quietness of alone, and a closed eye red tint.

Drip Lived

Sometimes it feels that in a whirlwind this year has whizzed straight past me and I've been caught up in it and dragged along for the ride. Except, I took a second to slow it down the other day and now, in September, I've realised that this year, I've been gifted with some amazing times, and people and events that I otherwise would never have lived if I hadn't made some choices that some days I'd rather forget and regret I had.

And I want to write it down. The lessons, and the faces and the laughs and the dreams and the realities. I want to look back on 2010 as the year that my life changed and have a reference to slap me in the face with the reality that its brought when I forget.

Maybe I'll start the story of my whole life in the My Life Story Diary. 1800 pages from now to treasure the story of my life. MY LIFE STORY £35.00

Sunday, September 12, 2010


grey suede Jeffrey Campbells? - check. muted tones? - check. fringe plait? - check.

beautiful friends celebrating a beautiful frienship bedded inlove

the Small Cheese Dome from Landscape Products, Japan

Steely Eyed

Focus. It's so hard to find. A steely eyed glare to the future to chase a dream that should have been a reality years ago. And that thin line, which is like a slither between one life and another, that if it manages to slice a little wider, and the shimmer gets a little brighter, will swallow you up and close over and in an instance you've gone from standing on a centuries old street, to a state of being that you've seen every day for your entire life. It's funny when you try and take control of your own destiny. And remind yourself that you need to run the whole way and not stop until you reach the top. And find yourself gasping for air but looking out on something that many only dream of.

Diana Kruger for Marie Claire UK - April 2010. Determined focus.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Draw a line

Sometimes, I wish that the world was designed. That everything was stylized and refined and clean and ordered. Until the world becomes that way and then I get a little full moon on myself and need to break free. I do feel however that I could be guided 1984-style with beautiful sports propaganda. Or whipped into shape by Alan Clarke's proposed posters for the for London 2012 Olympic Games transport. These are beautiful and equal to his tip your hat great LA Marathon t-shirt.

Deservedly so, Clarke's work has featured in Creative Review and Wallpaper* Magazine, as well as online by The Architects Journal, FFFFound, and Etre.

Music in your fingers?

Locked in the drudgery of 7 til 10 London ad world? Time to spice it up a trick with this cracker posted by Addiction Entertainment for a full-time Creative Designer.

Based in Central London, you'll need to have your inner "on" on because you'd be working primarily for music companies, producing creative campaigns for the music and entertainment industry. You need experience and stuff (much of which is SO out of my realm I can't actually describe!) but check it out if you're interested.

And if you need anymore prompting that this would be an ace-pos to score, and names and video clips such as Lady GaGa, Fleetwood Mac, Arcade Fire, The Killer and Andre Rieu don't impress you, I'm not sure that you're helpable. http://www.addictionentertainment.com/


I was one of the many who jumped on the interesting use of new and old technology via Arcade Fire's "We Used To Wait" vid clip... more so because I'm totally in love with every beautiful sound that comes from the Canadian family duo.

I do feel, however, that this incredible video clip for Australian wonders Angus and Julia Stone is incredible both sound and eye wise. Directed by Australian filmmaker Kiku Ohe and shot by cinematographer Hugh Miller (also responsible for the presets "this boy’s in love" clip), this vid is a simple story of dreaming and escape - right on brief (to create a cinematic and non-glossy visual representation of the music).

Angus and Julia Stone - "Big Jet Plane"

I am also in love with the memories and the times that Ohe's music doco NEVEREVERLAND DAFT PUNK / THE PRESETS commissioned by Modular Records. Stills below but link here if you want to remember the good good times of youth. http://thesilentlights.com/


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