Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The sum for pretty

Beautiful girl = Beautiful shoot. Simple.

10/10 for New Wave
Photographer Sigurd Grünberger Hair & Makeup by Nicci Welsh Model Amanda Nørgaard

Get wed with Camilla Gough

As the year catches up with me I feel like some serious cocooning to quell the sense of exhaustion that is taking over. My new years resolution? Quit the harsh lifestyle and get back to the mellow basics discovered through self imposed unemployment in early 2009. My younger sisters new year resolution? Get her wedding shit sorted while keeping her head above water (the engagement invites proved to be the start of what will be a verrryyyy long journey).

On weddings – discovered these beautiful rings from Camilla Gough. HUGE generic solitaires (that are more glass than diamond) make me feel really unwell, but these pieces are sweet and not very ostentatious. Pretty.

Song of the Day

Cant get enough of this track – may be down to the sweet cable TV that I’ve hooked up since moving in with new roomies (aka the parents) to save money to finally get the website off the ground. Summer is definitely here – time for some FUN! Miike Snow - "Animal"

a Christmas dream comes true


This morning while locking in contact with real people (vs. work) I managed to catch the name of the incredible sculptor who’s work I LOVED LOVED at Palmer Projects not so long ago. While everyone jumped on the “All I want for Christmas is a Westfield Gift Voucher” craze, all I wanted was the Mitchell Ferrie Grenade Sculpture – that, at $1000, didn’t seem like such a huge investment given that unless I managed to knock it over in a red-wine fuelled haze, would be with me for a lifetime.

To clarify, the content isn’t beautiful – but the work definitely is. Check out some of Ferries creations below.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tim & Jean

Amazing. These guys are totally my new favourite band. Like an Aussie Passion Pit, Tim & Jean are an Indie / Pop / Electro outfit from W.A.

Not only are their MySpace tracks killer, and they're featuring across most of the lineups for the summer festival circuit, they do a totally freaking AMAZING cover of my favourite favourite Dave Matthews Band track - Crash Into Me. Love that song, Love these guys.

Check 'em out live if you can.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

wrapped up: 3

Wrap up your toots in a pair of Surface To Air buckle ankle boots.

Sturdy little stud boots from the Paris design team - the probably aren't practical for an Australian summer... but perfectly juxtapose a pretty little spring dress, and would look hot on the sand at a summer bbq, teamed with tortoise shell Cutler and Gross sunglasses, gorgeous silky straight hair and a glass of Rosé in hand.

wrapped up: 2

Wrapped up yourself with a Donna Wilson for SCP Nos Da Throw.

All are 100% wool, spun and dyed in England and then double woven in Wales by a traditional Mill. Donna Wilson is a color and pattern magician - taking traditional designs like plaid and aligning them with a modern clash.

wrapped up: 1

Wrap up your wrist in an Elke Kramer Ekjwo8 Pet Keepwatch Bracelet.

Made from red coral, and inspired by childhood toys like jointed snakes and board games, this chain link bracelet brings a grown up sophisticated feeling that's still playful.

Monday, December 7, 2009

made up with Melinda Maria

Beautiful costume jewels from US based designer Melinda Maria. Unique, contemporary but classic enough to be a statement piece worn with any outfit, MM's range is a gorgeous gift idea for self and loved on.
True testament to the idea that "you don't need to spend a million bucks to look a million bucks" these pieces are chic, sexy, and bold luxury that can be worn everyday.

A fading era

Its time to say goodbye to the hard edged 80s and welcome back the softer feel 70s. Not quite hippy luxe but defiantly a warmer touch to the black leathered, studded bazaar that's littered the streets, galleries and wine bars of late.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sing it Loud

Nothing beats a house party ending with cold beers and some tragic Singstar duets performed by (generally) the worse singers in the crowd. Always makes for killer laughs and a talking point for the hours to come.

Cue the Kiwi&Pom Party Box (appropriate name!). The 'Party Box' is a microphone mixer which plugs into your comp, effectively rendering it into the ultimate karaoke machine. Combined with a pink-hot mic, this is a sure-fire way to keep the party rolling till the next day.

Carved up naturally

Such a sucker for anything made from natural resource. And in a kitchen, I’m obsessive about the juxtaposition of hard materials vs. soft materials. Nothing beats a singular bare brick wall, the smooth lines of stainless steal, and a timber floor. And then accents like these.

Made from natural charcoal slate quarried from the hills of Pennsylvania USA these beautiful serving boards are a distinctively different way to present finger-lickin’ good crudités to your guests… or as a special way to treat yourself.

Each board is hand shaped, washed and sealed – with the natural character preserved in unfinished edges… which you’d want if your platters were a million years in the making.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An illustrated proposal

I love to Love, but HATE loved-up (ever seen people PDA-ing on a bus? GROSS). However this little bit of love is too cute and well executed not to post up.

Basic concepts is a series of images that Joe Henfield worked on at home... in front of his beloved... before pulling them together in a "concertina" to spell out "Marry Me Liz".

Images below - but its worth reading the full story.

Beach sounds

Pump-Pump-Pump it up for summmer! God I love love this time of year. And nothing beats long days on the sand, laughing with friends, listening to sweet tunes that you know are going to sound even better after a case of Pure Blonde on Australia Day when the Triple J Hottest 100 is pumping through huge speakers, and you're sliding down sand-dune slip and slides... (I digress...)

Anyway - these peach little Fexio Solar Fm Radio's are the perfect summer addition for said sand-lie-in. Each one is paper thin, and tunes to a specific radio station. Sure you may not want to be listening to Fbi all day, but for convenience, nothing beats them.

(And for the markers in the group... AWESOME premium idea for your cool-kid brands... consider the logo ops on the box and backside of the radios. Rad.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yvan Rodic = WOW.

AMAZING shots from Melbourne / Face Hunter photog Yvan Rodic. Makes me wish for summer, yogurt pops, pool high jump (!), and late night passion fruit-lychee martinis with bronzed-up/high-bunned/gold-jewelled gorgeous girlfriends.


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