Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The long and the short of it

Once upon a long time ago, I cut my hair to the shortest of lengths. It seemed on a whim, spur of the moment. But really it was the critical point where changing my world was badly needed to reaffirm me to me through the depths of my early 20s. I loved it but I loved the lush of long and so have been growing it since.

I'm so in a rut with it as I launch into 20's Part II and have been debating the cut off until seeing Erika Altosaar's art and seemingly hair obsession. The Montreal based artist gave me re-newed eyes to look at my hair in a different light when I found one of her beautiful drawings which reminded me of a pic someone once took of my hair.

Altosaar's zine "L’Étranger" (GB03 Price: $8 / Signed $20) is an unbound portfolio of 12 drawings printed on 35# newsprint, each copy is numbered by hand and is collectible. Expect bigger things from Altosaar - her latest project? Afterzine - curated by Hamish Robertson and filled with the stylings of Altosaar as well as contributors including Alexa Chung.

hairspiration 1
hairspiration more

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Chimney House

Macio Kogan is by far my favorite architect. Whether his beautiful work will ever translate into a property of my own is debateable however, Kogan's mix of textures, materials, and the creation of extremely detailed spaces is desperately and wantingly gorgeous.

With a perfect eye, Sao Paulo born Kogan graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in 1976. A cinema director until he was 30, Kogan draws on his passion for film and uses it as an influence in his architecture. All of his spaces are designed to be balanced and work in harmony together - and the interior design is done with the same detail. The winner of many major awards Kogan is an inspiration for many.

Alameda Tiete, 505 - Cerqueria Cesar
Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil
P: +55 11 3081 3522

Casa das Chaminés


The pretty and the dainty. Mixed in with the neutral, an over the taupe nail. Something that only those in the know really would know and easily pick up. Quality amongst an environment that is normally not very. These Mociun rings are to die for - mixing beautiful 14k gold with turquoise and white antique baguette diamonds.

Caitlin Mociun comes from a not so design background, but spent 4 years at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a BFA in textiles. Mociun has a simple Bauhaus and Karl Blossfeldt inspired design manta which combines art and craft and her fashion, print and ceramic works explore sustainability and environment.

200 Livingston Street Brooklyn, NY 11211 USA

Moon and Stars Ring - 14K gold, turquoise, and antique diamonds - $1600

Hexagon Gold Ring - $240

Square Turquoise Ring - 14k gold tourquoise and white antique baguette diamonds - $1750

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bright like

I'm currently obsessed with neon against neutral. The bright lights against the big city - slicing things up in a unique and unexpected way. I find myself bower-birding towards threads in weaves, the book on the shelf, the glimpse of a handful of bright nails. And it was by pure coincidence that I found the site of current artist numero uno Leif Podhajsky. The man behind the psychedelic rapture of Tame Impala and Gypsy and the Cat record covers, also created an insanely gorgeous little paper of color theory - Spectral Paper. I'm in love.

In swirls and ribbons

Sometimes when you dream something hard enough, the thoughts materialise themselves into reality. The right people show up out of the blue and give you clarity, the right call comes just when you need it most, an opportunity puts itself right down in front of you. All of these things and more have left the last few weeks in a constant state of creativity overload, inspiring and driving, sucking me through a vortex of excitement.

Part of that has been the constant measure of art and advertising and looking for opportunities that were always there but just had to be grasped. Somewhere in the middle of that is this campaign, done to launch the Nike Free Run+ 2 City Pack series.

A collaboration between Nike, YesYesNo (an interactive projects company) and DualForces, software was developed allowing runners to create dynamic paintings with their feet – or more specifically their Nike+ GPS run data.
Over a two day workshop, participants recorded their runs and then fed these details into unique software. The output? A gorgeous visual based on the speed, consistency, and style – unique to each person. Taking personalisation one step further, each participant was given a customised shoebox - laser etched with their name, distance run and run path – containing a pair of City Pack shoes from their city of origin.

Nike City Pack is a collection of unique LunarGlide2+ designs that celebrate the world’s greatest running cities, and all those who charge through them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remember Me Not

Moments. So many in a lifetime. Making up your personal story.

It's amazing how some things stick in your mind so vivid, more than others, and all it takes is a tiny spark to set off the chain reaction that conjours up a time past. But where do those spirals backwards take you? To a different moment now, and a different path for the future? Whatever that journey, nothing detracts from that single moment. Where time stood still, just for an instance.

This season, We Are Handsome draws on special moments - a catalyst for taking you into the smallest pockets of your imagination and your memory, and lets them play out in the now. We Are Handsome's latest collection "The Memories" imposes beautiful, strong, nostalgic prints on bold, modern but timeless cuts of swimwear - as well as (for the first time) mini dresses and leggings (a wardrobe staple).

Launched from a Sydney base in 2009 by fashion babes Indhra Chagoury (ex Oscar & Elvis) and Jeremy Somers (People Like Us), We Are Handsome is truely Aussie and can be found in the worlds most incredible boutiques, including Opening Ceremony, Colette, Harvey Nichols, plus online ( to name only a few. Photographed for Vogue, Grazia, Elle, Harpers and worn by some of the worlds most fashion saavy women (including the likes of can-do-no-wrong Diane Kruger and Rachel Bilson) We are Handsome is fashion for the beach and for after.


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