Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tsumori Chisato is my Jesus

Seeing these boots was pretty much a punch in the chest. Incredible. I want! Can't get enough of the wedge heel - not only are they crazy comfortable but they are dressed down dressup. And considering my winter wear is 30% black tights THESE are the CasBar of shoes.

Tsumori Chisato J013 Lace Up Wedge w/Fringe - Multi Print on Black
- available from Opening Ceremony


I love a house filled with art, and this one sure doesn't disappoint. Melbourne artist and Outre Gallery manager Gemma Jones has the most beautiful and eclectic combinations happening in her personal space and I couldn't help but lift these so that I could share her clash-and-smash view of how it all works together. I have a mental fascination with anything that has touches of fluro-luxe combined with pastel so this is like a dream home!

"Shoot" by Richard Lindner

"Bird Filled Sky" by Tim Biskup

"Abstract Paining" by Linda Carol

"Shaggs and Goose" by Rona Green


I love the glimpse of a bit of skin. Not overtly trash-tastic Ice or Dotti raceswear that would be better suited to the off-work attire of a Hooters girl, but the subtle and just right amount can make an outfit. And while many get the translation from fashion mag to the self-styled very wrong, including a burst of colour can take you(in my opinion) at least 20% towards the right direction. My colours for Winter are always standard - mustard, olive, peacock blue and fuscia. Which is why I think I died a little when I saw this set of gorgeous from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Stunning. Classic Bralette silk-blend bra (£56.52) and Silk-blend boy shorts (£56.52). Available from Net-A-Porter.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Event: James Brickwood Photography Exhibition

Once upon a time, on a sun-filled winter afternoon, two friends sat on a long, low bench, drinking peppermint tea, talking about nights past, and catching glimpses of summer in the twinkle of the salt water shimmers. Divulging secrets that only two close girlfriends can, the talk turned more than once to boys - those that mattered, and those that really didn't, and those that maybe one day would fall into either category but at that point in time rested somewhere in the middle.

It was ironic then, that as the sun dipped behind some clouds as the light time started to slip into night time, one mentioned name rode past on a bike, and it was in the split second that the sun had hidden itself, that the girls saw the face that had been giggled over not too many minutes earlier.

As it turned out, the boy was leaving the town in which they had all grown up, and was moving to a place that many wouldn't consider venturing to visit. By way of celebrating a lifelong-to-date friendship(or maybe it was a guise) the three decided that given the impending darkness, it made sense to command a feast. And feast it was - duck salad, stir fried vegetables, very little rice but lots and lots of laughter. And as the night started to end, and the cold kicked in, the three said their goodbyes - the girls and the boy - turned away and went down new paths.

The girls? They are still friends - sharing more memories and more stories. The boy? He decided to throw a photographic exhibition. And with an eye that captures more than a memory, it would be well worth attending.

James Brickwood Photography Exhibition
Launching April 16, 2010
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, West Esplanade Manly P: (61-2-9976 1420)

Cookie sweet.

The worlds toughest question... "Which came first? The chicken, or the egg?". But, what, is the world toughest statement... "I love you". Or, "Your dumped." ??

Maybe it's worth trying to solve that one with either answer baked in Helvetica which makes either one that little bit nicer. Gorgeous cookie cutters from Beverly Hsu - a designer, librarian, baker and teacher (eg slashie extroadinare) from the USA. I love. (Thats MY answer for everything).


It's funny as I look back over the past year, through the history of what was MoHo and what is now my own little space of random mumbles, and see some pretty consistent interests and passion when it comes to certain products. I think that its testament to the fact that I love a simple, straight living environment, spiced up in areas that you wouldn't expect to see. Beautiful armchairs, interesting lighting fixtures, stoneware and cutlery. To most, its idiotic... until you think about the way that you feel and the appreciation, once you are involved (by accident or purpose) in the everyday use of something beautiful.

If I was remotely organised, I would've gotten my smarts together and packed up for some Italian spring, to participate in, and source my own goodness at the Public Design Festival which has just wrapped up in Milano. Instead I'm relying on checking incredibly beautiful product shots that are floating back from the event.

Seletti "Midas" Cutlery
In a time where many wrap sleek silver, or steel into the 'modern' bundle, I love the matte finish gold on these, which actually blends with modern or classic china better than stark silver. And while it may be on point to think that your nan had gold cutlery, combined with a stunning stemless wineglass, candle-low-light and Heston inspired meal, I don't think you can say there is anything old about these.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crushed Up

You know you've backed a winner when people the world over spend their spare time finding ways to reinvent or evolve your brand, product and packaging. Those crazy Coke obsessed kids manage to pull out amazing stops all of the time which is why I am so fascinated with the brand and post on it often.

Andrew Kim is the latest to develop beautiful new Coke casings. Taking up less space than the traditional buddy bottles that we've all seen, the packaging is designed to be stacked on top of each other via an indent in the bottom of the drink. The best part though? The packaging is designed to be collapsible - making it easier for recycling... which lets face it, is a very very good thing.

Banksy Struck

... LA again last night. That's two nights in a row... Can't wait to head there in September. I also can't wait for some ArtMelbourne2010 which is so so soon and selling special Banksy prints.

If you are in the US, Banksy is launching a documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop, in cities all over including New York, Los Angeles, and San Fran. Shown first at Sundance (yes its real, not just on Entourage) it includes other notable street artists like Mr Shepard Fairey, Mr. A (Andre) and Space Invaders. A must see (UK kids got it on March 5) be prepared to ask as many questions as you had before you saw it - and don't think you're getting the answer to the whether Mr Banksy the real worlds Peter Pan or not. Click here for US tickets and lo-cos.

Exit Through The Gift Shop - Official UK Trailer

as seen on La Brea & 4th

Get Away

If today had lyrics they would be "I want to get away, I want to flyyyy awayyyy... Yeah Yeah Yeah". Just not in the mood for much and could do with Tuesdays version of last Saturday - outdoors, no place to be, nothing to think about and the stunning company of an amazing and calming friend.

Que the Harads Tree hotel - a concept developed by Swedish architects Tham and Videgård Hansson. Each small aluminium 4 x 4 x 4 box contains a kitchen, terrace, living area and sleeping area. The perfect little hide away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city. The mirror glass-clad exterior reflects the gorgeous surrounding environment, and the sky creating a camouflage from the unaware and invading eye. The interior is ply but the mirrored glass promise 360 degree views.

Designed for two, I so want to be right there right now - with a gorgeous cashmere blanket, bottle of red and view of the hinterland (either here or Sweden). Great laughs, interesting conversation and then quiet comfortable of true friendship.


Ask me today, ask me tomorrow. There is always something going on that I'm entertaining. I need some direction and maybe, just maybe, if I concentrate on one idea long enough and spend the time developing it into something that is streamline and sensible and a little bit regimented I'd be alright... but then again, where's the fun in that? Of course though, if I DID go through with it, I'd need a logo.... and I do love good brand work... Cute and simple thought starters I stumbled on...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

in a song...

today would sound like this. Gyroscope - Snakeskin

event: Trent Edward "New Horizons" solo exhibition

With the close out of the Summer months, I put away the desires for hazed-canary yellow, low light, hot nights and entertain thoughts of lambswool, grey-marle coloured skies, deep plum-red wine fuelled winter cold.

The perfect way to start this years journey? Trent Edward "New Horizons" solo exhibition at Fix8 Gallery in Freshwater (on Sydney's Northern Beaches). A dear friend, Trent's breathless seascapes capture an essence of the Australian outdoors that - while talking to the extremes of impending storms and breaking waves - manage to present a passionate simplicity. Trent's work has been snapped up for private collections around the world including Canada, Germany, England and of course Aussie. For those that live in Sydney, I hope I see you at the gallery to celebrate beautiful art, from a beautiful person.

TRENT EDWARD - New Horizons
15 April til 2 MAY 2010
Fix8 Gallery: 55 Harbord Road, Freshwater NSW 2096 P: 02 9938 3135

"Closing In" -SOLD- 60cm x 60cm each (acyclic on board)

"Imminent Arrival" -SOLD- 184 x 94cm (acrylic on board)

"Distant Relief" 125cm x 125cm (acrylic on board)

"The Forgotten Coast" 64cm x 64cm & 124cm x 64cm (acrylic on board)

Pirate Black Noise

Once upon a time, in a life lived a long time ago, I dated a musician who was the most beautiful, divine soul that exists on the planet. We lived a passionate romance that ended up both our doing and our undoing, but that included amazing moments when we would be hugged by incredible force caused by music and sound that said more to each of us and to both of us, and more than we were able too say to each other. And we lived a million beautiful, never can be repeated instances - that felt like a dream. Like the time that we danced through hundreds of helium balloons in our lounge room, fuelled on by vodka from a vase, low lights, late nights and new love.

I'm not sure why Natalia Brilli's black gear makes me think of him. Maybe its the funeral black sadness of love lost? Maybe its the juxtaposition of simple form vs the rainbow of sound that we lived together? Maybe its that Summer has gone and Autumn is here, much like when you know that it's done? Whichever, or whatever, this gear by the Belgium born / Parisian based accessories designer is massively intense.

True Bassikes

Simple. Clean. Silent.
Days like these need to exist more often than they seem too. The coolness of simple moments. The clarity that is gained from stepping back. From refining and realigning the psyche. From looking at the world in shades not in colour or shape or reason. Being basic. Like Bassike.

Clothes made to be worn with ease, and nonchalance. Effortless dressing to work today and again tomorrow. This is my label, and my favourite lounge pants.


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