Monday, July 19, 2010

When Bro met Clay

I have a friend who loves him some Euro styling. He's interior choice is modern French which, I have to say, shocked me given his DJ cues and distressed leather wear. I thought of him when I saw this Fabien Clerc sculpture titled "Back in the Good Old Days", and it's only 10% because of the Piracy flag in the back.


honey. Beautiful packaging from Ah&Oh Studio, Poland (ul. Kochanowskiego 19/8, 60-846 POZNAN POLAND E: So simple and obvious, the gorgeous logo includes a smiling bees face and the hand calligraphed logo is soften and inviting.

Freelancers, who joined forces after finishing studies at the Academy of Fine Arts (Poznan), Magda Katek and Kamil Jerzkowshi built little Ah&Oh Studios in 2008. Located in Jazyce (somewhere very East) the two use an ultimate heart melting aim and apply it to all of their projects. Mainly dealing with graphic design, identity, branding and packaging, the team manage work that is incredibly beautiful but practical. And brief answering.

They have a blog which might need some check back (being under construction and all) but I'm excited to keep an eye open on these two.

HIT: Klaxson "Echos"

I don't even care that this sounds like Delphic (with a massive hit of Muse) and the straight up vocal hook makes it an easy choice for a firstish single. So ready for the incredible British rockers that are the Klaxsons being literally moments away from releasing new album "Surfing The Void" and I'm a little bit breathless, and excited, and fidgety and swallowed up all at the same time. And forget budgets. I love that the video clip for this beautiful track is desert cool with doses of burning sun and purple haze serenity. Klaxons "Surfing The Void" is released August 23rd.
Klaxons "Echoes"

Klaxons "Flashover"

Two together

Working on an auto full time I'm always interested when a car appears in a spot. Call it research or ultimate investment, I perk up and take a look. I can't lie and say I'm not slightly jealous that I will never be able to wrap a car in hair. Awesome Argentine designer/artist Jonathan Gurvit who tilted his CD hat to slip on a his Directors, has managed this little gem for a bank. Not an easy job getting this one through I'm sure, but worth it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

ring ring

I'm addicted to anything that doesn't scream ordinary. And while I like things to just be simple and classic, I do like a twist. Thus I lurve this jewellery I stumbled upon by Blanca Monros-Gomez - originally from Spain but now living in the US. Her collection consists of simple, timeless yet unique everyday pieces that are made by hand with incredible attention to detail.

Holding a BFA in Industrial Design, Blanca finds inspiration in the world around her. Natural twigs, leaves, seeds are all used as the basis of her work. All of the gold is also recycled.

Blooming Budget

Flowers can get soooooo expensive and considering a million people I know love the idea of peonies (but hate the idea that they flower but one month of the year) try something different to bulk out your tables, your church pews, or ceilings. Party Poms are way too delicious, come in a range of colours and can even be used as a simple way to add detail to your napkin holders (tie up with some ribbon and top with a pom pom). They're also an interesting take on the traditional Indian wedding garland, and I think they suit the mod, the boho, the traditional and the pretty bridal styling.

Take a Seat

If you're smart you'll do it cocktail. If you're more traditional give your guests a personal-touch-heads-up on where and next to whom they will be spending your occasion with. Timeless Paper Shop do the most ridiculously gorgeous place cards and while they are mostly very pretty girly themed, there are some beach side and winter ideas too. And if you're a bride on a budget, they're only $1 a card... (though you may need to put aside some shipping budget).

Say thank you

Forgo standard staionary and say thank you in baked goods. So much more fun that another piece of paper. Customise your message in this Williams-Sonoma cookie cutter which leaves an imprint of your words in the dough. ($19.95 USD)

Tis the season

... to be wedded. It's a wedding frenzy in my world at the moment. My beautiful friends are tying the knot so so soon, another amazing couple got engaged over the weekend, 2 awesome chickas I work with are in engagement bliss, and my little sister is in planning mode for her nuptials in February. I've been tasked with looking after tables at said wedding - which suits me just fine - and on my travels I have stumbled upon stunning ideas that might be a little hit of inspiration for those who are also thinking white.

Wedding invites are such a big deal. The stationary you provide is often the first glimpse at the tone of the day for many guests, and has such a big play on getting excitement mounting for the day. Sending the invitations can be such a pain in the ass especially if you have a lot to fit in one envelope. And to top it off, Australia post does do personalised stamps... IF you are happy to have a foul stock image adjoined to the one you choose for yourself.

Trump them by sending your invites with VerdeStudio's "unUsed" Vintage post stamps. If you live anywhere other than the US you may also need to attach a country stamp, but one up the post and use airmail instead. Its cheaper and the stamps are similar in vintage feel to Verde's. Cute are the country versions, especially if you met, found love, found a diamond, or perhaps are planning a vaca post wedding in a particular country.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Sydney's Coolest Designer Sales
Four amazing Oz designers are having a sample sale.
Therese Rawsthorne / Romance Was Born / Friedrich Gray / Gary Bigeni.

WHEN Friday 9th July, 2010 until Sunday 11th July, 2010.
WHERE Medina on Crown
359 Crown St, Surry Hills. NSW, 2010. +61 2 8302 1000
TIMES FRI: 9th 12pm - 7pm
SAT: 10th 10am - 6PM
SUN: 11th 11am - 5pm
PAYMENT American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Cash, Eftpos.

Josh Goot Autumn / Winter Sale Shop
The Josh Goot Autumn / Winter Sale Shop will open in Paddington on the 8th July.

WHEN Thursday 8th July, 2010 until Sunday 11th July, 2010.
WHERE 433 Oxford St
Paddington. NSW. 10am - 6pm each day


If you know the story of Jónsi then it should come as little surprise that his track Go Do is the perfect accompaniment for the video to promote the "Lets Colour Project" - a world wide initiative from Dulux, Dulux Valentine, Coral and Marshall that aims to "spread colour all over the world" by teaming up with impoverished and local communities to paint the otherwise dull world around them.

Lead vocalist for Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós, as well as an acclaimed solo artist, JónJónsiÞór Birgisson would otherwise have the world as we know it stacked against him - being openly gay, as well as disabled - however his unbelievable falsetto voice and crazy amazing cello bow on guitar make him such a sound of now. His beautiful 2010 album "Go" produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, The National, Tokyo Police Club) was an amazing buy and I recommend picking it up... perfect listening in on a Sunday afternoon with friends over for a warming up roast, or bbqs under coloured light bulbs in the summer afternoon sun.

Go by Jónsi on iTunes

Dulux Walls Ad - Director's Cut

Thursday, July 8, 2010

on a (h)Ian

My absolute favourite favourite artist - Ian Francis - has popped some new work up online. The man is amazing, referencing pop culture in a beautiful, and very mod-classic way.

I love his style and rarely see a piece that I wouldn't want to hang on a brilliant white wall, over a wrought iron fireplace paralleled with two tan, lace up leather armchairs and cornered off by beautiful natural brown and grey weave low line couches. Throw in these incredible Spanish mustard coloured tea glasses I picked up two weeks ago (that have a tan leather cupping them), filled with a gorgeous deep, yummy Tempranillo and fresh green olives, beautiful friends and that's a night from heaven.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Stunning little gorgeous friend Stephanie had a birthday not too long ago and Mr Grass spun the tunes. Fun night and the crowd (eg us) loved it. Download or listen to his Summer mix for cravings sake here and check him decks and all around Sydney's Kings Cross weekend in and out.

Summer 08 Mixtape

beautiful Steph in white

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pins le deux

Dinner at Lynne's house. Apparently the cous cous was no good. I'm not sure that that should outweigh the presentation though....
20/20 presentation, 19/20 Moroccan steak and18/20 cous cous


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