Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stuck on You

People often fear the unknown. And when it comes to the home, and the expense that decorating can entail, people often don't trust their judgement either. The easiest way around this? Find clever, crafty and cheap (but BEAUTIFUL) ideas to spice things up. Stickers are a super easy option. Here are some thought starting ideas... (I do recommend checking out what else is on these sites. Hu2 is PHENOM!)

Decal Wall Clock from Artstick
The beautiful thing about this is that you can set it up, anyway you want. The pack includes the clock essentials PLUS a series of stickers that you can use in a way that defines your space or your personality. So cute - you can put in your bed time, your tea time, the subtle reminder for lunch while you're beavering away at work! They come in white or black to fit your interior and are vinyl so even use-worthy in the bathroom! (Priced at $82.50)

Ducky Lines from Hu2
Great for mamasitas, or maybe even loved up lovers these ducky bath stickers let you know when your tub is perfectly full. Genius! Plus they come in a range of colors including lilac, passpink and bordeaux. (Priced at £19.00 and shipped worldwide)

Chandelier Silhouette Sticker from Ugly Home Paris
That bare bulb in your share house getting you down? Throw one of these against it as a talking point. Removable and adding a sense of kitch/modern/sophistication these are super cute. I do also LOVE the sophistication added by including the different chandelier behind a shower curtain. Throw some candles on and you're transported. Gor-met.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soled | Sold

Remember your first pair of Doccers? I think mine were my yr3 school shoes - God, I loved on those peaches. Super cool Dr Martens are celebrating 50 years of skin-head, rock-star, hard-nosed foot fashion by commissioning 10 cult track covers by super pumping bands like The Human League, Buraka Som Sistema, Cold War Kids and The Cinematic Orchestra.

The tracks drop on this coming Thursday (1st April) but thought I’d give you a taste with a sneak peak of the track listing here.

1. Buraka Som Sistema - “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry
2. The Duke Spirit - “If The Kids are United” by Sham 69/The Cramps
3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - “Dirty Old Town” by The Pogues
4. Dâm-Funk - “The Things That Dreams are Made Of” by The Human League
5. Raveonettes - “I Wanna Be Adored” by Stone Roses
6. Cinematic Orchestra - “Lilac Wine” by Jeff Buckley
7. NASA - “Chase the Devil” by Max Romeo
8. Noisettes - “Ever Fallen in Love” by The Buzzcocks
9. Verbal - “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways

Been there. Dont do that.

Sick self admission: The countless number of times I've wrecklessly text and talked on the phone while driving is disgusting. Since getting an iPhone its decreased significantly (because touchscreen + eyes on the road don't go hand in hand...) but I wonder, with their popularity, how many people still do this stupid activity.

AT&T are doing their best to counter the practice in the USA with the release of a new campaign - The campaign features true stories of the text messages that were sent or received before someones life was altered, or ended, because of texting while driving. Jump on the AT&T Facebook page to sign the No TXTing while driving pledge.
While Driving Where u at

event: Shepard Fairey's "May Day"

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the name Shepard Fairey, chances are, you’ll be familiar with his work. A contemporary artist/graphic designer/illustrator, Fairey is the man behind Barack Obama “HOPE” poster which is synonymous with the 2008 Presidential campaign and the basis for a million spin offs post its mass media publication. Fairey's stylized stencil style is unmistakable and as Australia becomes more aware, and opened eyed and engaged with contemporary artists, the frequency to see this mans work is growing also.

If you happen to live in New York, I strongly suggest that you jump on the “May Day” train – a solo Fairey exhibition filled with new works at Deitch Projects (18 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013, p: 212.343.7300 e: Nameed not only for the shows opening date, the title aims to also capture the spirit of the show, exemplified by the multiple meanings of “May Day” – a labor day, a day of political demonstration, a distress single and a vein of revolution.

The exhibition includes portraits of Faireys most admired artists, musicians, political activists and radicals – those that started on the fringe of modern culture and managed to change the mainstream. It seems like this has come at just the right time.

MAY DAY 2010: Solo Exhibition featuring new works by Shepard Fairey
Deitch Projects (18 Wooster St, New York, NY 10013, p: 212.343.7300 e:
May 01, 2010 — May 29, 2010 (Opening Reception on May 1st, 6-9pm)

Friday, March 26, 2010

3 songs...

to kick start the weekend with.
Crave You (Graz Remix) **UPLOADED AN HOUR AGO! GET IT!**

S.O.S. - Abba

ATB - You're Not Alone

event: Take Your Time Olafur Eliasson

Just checked out the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney (140 George Stree, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia P:+612 9245 2400). It's such an amazing day today that it seemed right to wander at leisure - which makes sense given the name of the exhi is "Take Your Time" - and look at the installations that Eliasson and his army of local studio participants are touring in Australia.

The exhibition - generated by the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art, has travelled through the United States and the MCA is the only venue in Australia where it will feature. 30 works from 1993 to the present (and I mean the right now for The Cubic Structural Evolution Project) have been brought over and span sculpture, installation and photography.
The idea behind the exhibition? To take the viewer on a journey that shifts them from physical presence to sensory. To encase and immerse them in the stripped bare, minimal art forms that are large scale yet uniquely intricate. The exhibition has a very 'natural' feeling, like you're within the present universe but a fragment of the environment around you. The colour wheels, the light reflections, the incredible deep-earth "Soil quasi bricks" made from fired compressed-soil tiles leading into the "Beauty" room all add to the incredibly calming and simple exhibition that is still so complex. I loved it. Get there. (Take your time: Olafur Eliasson 10 December 2009 - 11 April 2010) **Sorry for the shit photos - iPhone you you're not supposed to take them so was being sneaky!**



Regardless of the traditional Festival season heading out the door with the end of March, it's not too late to make a statement by picking up a pair of collaborative-range-of-sunglasses from Colab, The Presets and Jonathan Zawada (if you don't know these names... I can't help you!) They are pretty darn fun kid, and the fact that they are named after classic hits like "Girl and the Sea"/Girl and the "See" and "Pretty Little Eyes"/Pretty Little Eyes and "My People"/My "Peepers" makes them even better. Like this. PRE ORDER HERE.
Pretty Little Eyes

My Peepers

Zawada designed packaging


God I'm super pysched. Partee tonight, Partee tomorrow, Delphic Sunday at OAF and a whole heap of awesomeness in the form of working @ super cool new Manly store, Murdok on Saturday and beach time with ciders and friends on Sunday. Life is GREAT and I think thinking about how wild the weekend could go is why these Cobra snake outtakes from a shoot Mark did for Wildfox totally caught my eye this morning. Spring break? '
God Talluhlah Morton is such a babe / Styling by kimberley gordon @ wildfox couture and cassandra kellogg. (p.s. this is also my FAVE song today - listen to it as you look... just sets the scene a little...)
Whitey - Stay on the outside: theme song of the day just because its so damn infectious!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HI: Crookers new album in full

Listen to the Crookers new album 'Tons Of Friends' in full - featuring some lovely guesties from Soulwax, Roisin Murphy, Spank Rock, Poirier, Miike Snow, Major Lazer and Kid Cudi. SO SO f-ing on 'Royal T' with RM - its a spanking song once it gets into it (bout 1min in)!! LISTEN HERE.
Crookers - Royal T ft. Róisín Murphy


Your surroundings can make you feel a million different things. And those million different things can be a million different more when you ask the people around you how surroundings make them feel. Interior space is very personal, and what you deduce from a piece of inspiration may be completely different to that which someone else does. I also know that inspiration comes from many things and in many forms. Here's what I stumbled on today that makes me excited.
Nicki Bidder and Anton Aunders at home in London (shot by The Selby)

Yellow flowers. Reminds me of the Willow store in Paddo Eames and Bentwood cafe chairs. Lovely.

Brass line

Sometimes, its the nights in that count so much more. Knowing that someone is as excited as you to cook a meal, light some candles, sit in the cold fresh air on a back step, and pop an amazing bottle of red or long neck of cider, is a delicious little feeling that makes you want to burst. Coming into winter, now seems to be the time to plan for these things - and when you're spending more time in than out, it makes sense to spend a little bit more on the finer elements that make living a night in perfect.

Japanese designer Oji Masanori makes useful and beautiful everyday items, living items, including these brass bottle openers that are designed and manufactured using traditional Japanese skills and crafts. It may be crazy but I know you can see rough, tanned hands against the smooth flawless brass, the soft glow of candles against the black backdrop of the night, the sweet smiles as you clink bottle tops knowing very well where the night is going to end up...

Fluffy Duck

I am so so so on this amazing bolaro from Stolen Girlfriends Club. A luxury merino/mohair knit its baggy sleeves make me want to throw on a felty, a pair of mocs and drink fluffy ducks on the ferry in the mid morning winter sun. Oh, cold nose, warm toes. Special self moment.


Kinda hyper (maybe caused by excessive chilli tuna and protein shake consumption...?!) and can't get Electric Avenue out of my head. Have also made my way through have a container of Extra Whitening gum and about 3L of water. It's kinda like a festival and I'm the only one invited today - though I am doing my best to psych the kids around me. COULD BE that I'm uber (like doesn't even describe!) excited that my gorgeous friend Will and his gf are making me a resin signet ring. GOD can't wait. xo LOVE LOVE ox

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HIT: Booka Shade NEW TRACK

Download one of the tracks from the new Booka Shade album (released April 23 in Germany, May 3 rest of the world including AUS, May 4 USA and Canada) here. And to wet your appetite for that new release...
Booka Shade - Body language

Booka Shade - Night Falls

Booka Shade - Charlotte


Teens. In my teens, I thought I'd be famous. I thought that mum and dad were always wrong, and I was always right. I thought that fashion was only what they published in Harper's and Vogue. I thought that music was Wild. I thought that smoking was cool and sexy. I thought that drinking was right when doing it out of a Solo bottle. I thought that coconut oil was a good idea at the beach and that boys would like you more if you kissed them at the end of the night.

Still in her teens, Nirrimi Hakanson has done these. Living in Melbourne, the daughter of an Aboriginal artist and Swedish-Australian hippie, and shooting from the age of 14 (she's now 17....) the images below don't even scratch the surface for the way this girl looks at the world. Recently agency signed, Nirrimi is focussing on NYC and producing a book. Note to self... looking at Nirrimi's website is the fastest way to make yourself feel like the ultimate non achiever. She is incredible.


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