Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flower me happy

Such a dreary but dreamy day. Looking at these, being cosy in my beautiful converted warehouse office space, listening to lovely tunes mixed up with the sound of outsides storm... gorgeous.

Bottega Nights

I lurve lurve deli fresh and nothing comes lovelier than Deli Bottega (Shop 1, 144-148 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach) - A gorgeous delicatessen and family friendly cafe in Bondi, Sydney, Aussie. Great menu, gorgeous Swiss chef (Nicholas) and delicious cheeses. What more could you want from a store! Check it out.

Monday, May 17, 2010

All hugged up

I am so so in love with Melbournite, Leila Sanderson house.

These beautiful shots from Ms The Design Files, are so incredibly stunning and make me want to snuggle up in a beautiful, warm, inviting, but classically laid out little space.

Filled with gorgeous little things, to accent the (mainly) neutral tones, I love that there are flowers scattered throughout, combined with voile curtains that drape longer than they should.I also love the dark timbers, and Leila's gorgeous self made soft furnishings too. Way way too dreamy.

Folded Over.

Sometimes those weekends of not very much means so much more. A quiet few days can realign your clarity, can refocus your attentions. They make you remember to stop, and see the world around you for the beauty it holds. The pure and clear intention of happiness. These shots from the latest edition of VNFOLD magazine (the INSANELY amazing online mag) are a stunning example what I picked up on my own little wide eyed weekend wonderland. (Photography by Kristiina Wilson)

VNFOLD is a seriously edgy, high end, fierce little mag that pushes boundaries with intense opulence and is underground enough to be void of mass interference in its editorial driven content. Sexy stuff.

VNFOLD Vol2 shoot

Friday, May 14, 2010


THIS is where I call home.
Manly AM

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NY Colder

Its definitely been one of "THOSE" days. I hate being negative, but this could almost be rendered one of "THOSE" weeks actually.
Feel like everything I touch is crumbling and like it needs a bit of the Midas touch to get things right.

Alternatively incredible frozen dairy goods could do it - like Popbar hand-crafted gelato on a stick (5 Carmine St. (@ 6th Ave.), New York, NY 10014, Tel. 212 255 4874).

Made with all natural ingredients, the gelato is blended using gorgeous fresh fruit, the very best dairy and flavours and a tiny amount of fresh Italian ingredients. Traditional but with a modern touch - the icy delight is served stick side up - which, lets face it makes it stacks easier to eat. And oh, I would love some of that lovely goodness right now!

Popbar, New York
5 Carmine St. (@ 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10014, Tel. 212 255 4874
Premium Pistachio

Premium VanillaCream Premium with Hazelnuts

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Helvetica Man

Funny and too cute. Which one are you? As always - I love Helvetica. Which makes me think - next party I might just make every boy a Helvetica Boy... and take my magic Helvetica pen for a little party trip. Zexy.

For those that haven't seen this magic pen, its an AD's dream. Hold it just right, and you're fontagogo.

F*ck You too

The highlight of my day is seeing what the F*ck You Very Much boys come up with. And I love this Grace Jones pic. I think I love the boys so much because they remind me of MoHo and the days when Mo and I were living on opposite sides of the world but held together by the tendons of friendship and a love for something and everything. This photo also reminds me of Ju - my beautiful crazy horse friend.

Combined with some Jus†ice "Stress by ROMAIN-GAVRAS" pretty much sums up the negative of my Tuesday... which you can tell, definitely wasn't that bad! bisou bisou Tue Tue

Tis the season for kiddies

It seems like baby season is well and truly here. So many little lovelies making their way into the world with beautiful beautiful faces for their sweet Mamasitas and even more to come over the next few weeks! Very exciting and considering that many of my friends like things modern, these are precious ideas as presents. So cute, these Disney for Cappellini chairs definitely don't need to be hidden away with the rest of the toys - and could almost be used for adults. I love.

Cappellini is one of Italy's finest design houses - with a focus on quality, and exploring the distinction between design and imagination. The house' work features from the MoMA in New York to Victoria & Albert Museum in London, to the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris... but the true reflection of the companies ethos is the everyday use of its products in private houses around the world.


Working his way through North America - Banksy has been taking on Toronto with works popping up all over town. I also love when these pop up in my inbox - I like that there is someone out there pocking their tongue at the world without concern.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cool Cool Summer

As the days start to cool over in Aussie, the idea of staying in seems so much more enticing. But how to fun at the same time? Seems easy enough in the Stahl House (Case Study House #22) located in the Hollywood Hills. Built in '59 by Cali's modern architect wow Pierre Koenig is truly representative of modern Cali architecture in during the 20th Century.

Featuring incredible, hazy views of LA through floor to ceiling windows, this private house has been photographed and filmed for numerous movies and campaigns - including "Blow". Privately owned, the house is also a rental for parties... at around USD $400 per night. Small price to pay to put that party pool to amazing use...


I love the hairdressers. I love the idea of going to a place that is all straight lines, and clean, and serene, and having a glass of wine or a peppermint tea, 20 minutes of relaxation looking at a naturally lit white ceiling, warm water running down the back of your neck while strong hands massage you, eyes closed, a blow dry. The whole idea of it is so so relaxing to me. I love it. (que Kasper Bjørke: Efficient Machine which is totally my hairdressing relaxation in a track!)

I also love that my hairdresser introduced me to Moroccan Oil - which is seriously divine and makes my hair feel like it's beyond healthy. Super cheap ($39.95 AUD for 100ml) this amazing stuff makes my hair shine like nothing I've ever used.

My Salon?
Shift Hair Salon, Manly

Shop 8/49 North Steyne, Manly 2095
02 9976 6588

Kasper Bjørke: Efficient Machine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW5JkZo-F1w


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