Friday, February 26, 2010


While on the old vibe today, this shoot from David Vasiljevic for Bon International’s spring/summer 2010 issue (one of Swedens highest selling titles...) is incredibly reminisant of 70's playboy shoots - pseduo provocative but 100% soft focus gorgeous. The model - Eniko Mihalik - is super super pretty and cast so well for this.

Old is New

The same cant be said for friends - the old ones are always the best ones - but when it comes to music, I think its a given. With a little injection of love, the old definately becomes some of the best. Like this one...

Chris Kaye - Don't Give Up (Thomas Gold & Matthias Menck Remix)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

ooo yep!

Sooo while I think about birthday time I'm spottoing things that I'd love to keep me going for another 365 days. Its amazing how gifts from people can define how well someone knows you. My girlfriends ALWAYS get it right - last year was an insanely beautiful Erja Hirvi for Markimekko "Magnolia" wall hanging that in all of its dove grey, white and hinted oranges and greens is still the most amazing and favourite gift I've ever received. Work - once gave me a lemon quartz and saltwater pearl necklace that I treasure.

Something to add to my favourite things would have to be ed. 56 of VISIONAIRE - a tri-annual "magazine" encombassing art and fashion. Each one has a specific format and theme around which prominent artists, designers, photographers, and others guests edit the publication.

The most recent issue was developed in collaboration with SMART car with 365 works chosen and organised into an electronic daily calendar for new art today and every other day of the year. Can see this on my desk next to the vase full of peonies!

The gorgeous Erja Hirvi for Markimekko "Magnolia" print hanging on my bedroom wall! Thanks ladies! xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smooth v. Smash. Round 2.

To throw a spanner in the mix, I do love my clean minimal exterior to have spice. I like the idea of confronting people with something unexpected and different and a little bit provoking.

Yet again, Tod Selby used his incredible knack of capturing this essence in a shoot... Fraser Cooke (sometimes marketer for Nike / sometimes DJ) and his amusing little eccentric tidbits scattered throughout his Japanese apartment definitely capture a little bit of my own interior style.

Smooth v. Smash. Round 1.

Contradicting the smash that I love to see in my personal style, is a calm and smooth line that I love to see in architectural and interior design. Farmsworth House exemplifies everything I feel is right in modern architecture. No surprises that this is a Mies van der Rohe’s work = you can see it in the radical departure from the fundamental European design styles that clogged and filled the psyche of the time.

Clearly transparent, pulling in but radiating out the exterior environment, the house includes continuous glass walls that are never broken by the joins tethering these to the floating decks surrounding the property. Incredibly elegant, the building is quietly refined. A serenity that whispers cool, calm, dark secrets yet ultimate open vault.

Wildest Dreams

Nicole Richie blows our minds again and again. Not only with her stunning gypset personal style, but as a designer the chick has her finger on the pulse. Check out the INCREDIBLE shoe collection that was launched last night in the US. The beautiful embroidery that is a touch tribal, a touch art deco, these shoes are seriously amazing.

And considering the latest eclectic prints put forward by duo Sass&Bide yesterday in London, it seems like come winter plenty will still be rocking the tribal luxe - blacks and whites spliced with silvers and golds - that started to filter in mid last year.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Can't get enough Booka Shade's pumpin' little beats today. Working away on strategy papers for a car brand and loving I'm keeping the focus and the clarity to just knock 'em out of the way. Almost makes me feel like I'm not a hack and the consumer insights I'm coming up with might actually be based on real truth! Oh what a feeling!
p.s. They're playing if you aren't in the know. LIVE at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on Thursday, March 4 at 7:00pm. Be there or be square.
one of my FAVVVVVEOURITE tracks of ALL TIME! Pure Pacha v1/d2 Sarah Main & Pete Tong. WOAH. Insanity. NEVER gets old.


Today was the first time I lied about my age and meant it. Well, didn't really lie, because I didn't bring it up, but I agreed with someone when they suggested that I was only 24. And I'm not. It's not that I'm that much older than suggested age, but of late, I've found myself thinking about impending birthdays and the fact that I will be closer to 30 than 20.

To ease the transition into adult life, I'm changing up my jewels to be warm and gold. Like all things, I like to counter the fine with a tough edge, hence the love of both this Jordan Askill heart ring in pink gold ($165.00) and this Cartier LOVE Bracelet in pink gold ($too much for me!).

Friday, February 19, 2010


Shot by Carter Smith these makes me want to lie in a secret corner, afternoon sun streaming in, salty skin, butterfly kisses, fingers tracing the contours of each others bodies, before lifting yourself up to a night of passion on a dance floor. Floating dresses, grinding hips, hair swept from a neck and hot breath just behind your ear.


Ok so its a bit old but ADDICTED to this right now.

HAD to share

These are way too beautiful to keep to myself. Maybe Manon can cradle snatch little E down the track... both are sure to be heart breakers!!

Manon (captured by her Maman Hede) both are SO beautiful

E. Possibly the cutest thing I've EVER seen!

Busy Bumble

Posts have been lacking of late I know. Been a busy little bee. Thought I'd share sneak peaks of 2 projects I've been filling my time with, with you!

Water Towers
Finished writing the forward for a gorgeous friend and talented photographer a few weeks ago. Final production will be done in 3-4 weeks but thought I'd give you a grab of some copy and shots to expect. Make a lovely coffee table present for the person with everything... I'm biased, but just saying :)

Tic Taco
Helped out beautiful Justin with his recent first ever solo show - Tic Taco - a 5 year long photographic documentary of Bowl-A-Rama... Australia's premier skate comp. Lots of PR hours, release and event promo writing and supportive friend phone calls for the peach but both he and his work was insanity! Launch was this week and it went off like a firecracker. Photo montage of the night to come but some of the work below.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Superbowl Pick

So working on a car brand atm and am prepping a Superbowl spot arvo (complete with beers and pizzas) for my clients to feel inspired and pumped for really cool ways to tell their story. Given the industry my client operates in, thought this was pretty cool.

Love the Yo Gabba Gabba / Entourage feel that it gives to a normally stale product. Really touched a spot for me given that I realised yesterday I'm closer to 30 than 20... and am seriously trying to hold onto my youth.

Kia's 2010 big game commercial

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tic Taco

is comming... Click here to RSVP for free beers. And for more from the man with the camera...

Stuctural Change

Inspiration can come from anywhere and from anyone. Even from a wall.

First up, designed by "Amirko" (aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov) the "Change It!" wall is made up of turn-triangles, each one including a different colour on it - white, black or a unique rainbow hue. As the triangles turn, a different pattern is displayed making the wall every changing.

Second, wallpaper called "Pixelnotes" by Sirkka Hammer - a wall made up of 4 layers of post-its in different tones of grey paper. Underneath it all is a base layer that is a bright, primary color. Depending on how and when you tear off a post-it will dictate the beautiful pattern displayed.

OM-F-G Abbey Lee!


Seriously beautiful shots by Max Doyle. The shoot - titled "The Life Aquatic" appears in the March edition of Australian Vogue, and is an amazing haze of vibrant colour, shot in that relaxed Bondi way that feels like you're standing on the damp sand, at 6pm, and the slight chill starts to blow in from the South.

I'm an absolute fan of colour dipping having been balayaged up for year upon year. Think it might be time to take it to a new level though the corporate clients might freak.


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