Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nouveau Sceno

Graduating fresh is a hard slog. Being out in the big world, wide eyed, wanting to roll. It's hard. Unless you are Dane, Jacob Dahlstrup Jensen. The old world right now sailor boy obsessed with skulls and boats and slicked back do's.

Using a tattoo machine like a pen, which disorders the paper structure, Jesen outlines incredible designs on heavy water color paper - in the same way you would work the skin. A combination of drawing and installation and merging material and context helps Jensen explore and discover his own the visual language.

On a Sailors Grave (no roses grow) from Jacob Dahlstrup on Vimeo.

Swan Dive

I NEVER watch movies. 1) I can't find 3 hours to sit in one place and not be pulled to another and 2) unless they look beautiful I get too bored. In 2010 I saw two movies. I watched Inception (stoned) and was awed, but was breath taken away by Kanye's "Runaway" which changed my opinion on him as a musician and cemented him as one of my favourite artists (ego and all).

I may take the time however to see Black Swan. Not only because Natalie Portman is simply A+ but because these incredible art deco inspired posters promoting the movie and designed by Bemis Balkind are all types of amazing.

Responsible for J.Depp featuring "Alice in Wonderland" posters and the Ledger/Blanchett "I'm Not There" Dylan story posters Bemis Balkind probably have designed your favourite TV show or movies posters also. These, I want to stick on my wall.

Friday, December 3, 2010


This week feels like...

a time to live right now. in the moment. in the second.

a time to soak it up. sink into the sun. a chance to move with friends. two little minds walking the desert together.a time to love unconditionally. My Am.Staff. puppy Asscher is beyond amazing. I don't know if I can ever love anything or anyone like I love her.

a time to make fun. Forget those that harsh your mellow. Find your own sense and stick to it.HAPPY WEEKEND! x


I was asked the other day if they still teach students ‘cursive’ in primary school. Stumped I assumed so, but it got me thinking about when I was little and my mother thought I – as the first born – would carry all of her dreams and ambitions for her children to fruition. Rude shock that the gifts of fine pens, calligraphy and elocution lessons fell by the wayside when I realised my boho/hobo/soho self.

Loosely tying back to the post, I stumbled on the latest offering from the Byredo and M/M (Paris) partnership.

The nice thing about M/Mink Eau de Parfum is that it came about due to a role reversal. M/M (Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak) called Ben Gorham of BYredo to their studio and presented him with the concept and creative direction. Based on a large, solid block of ink purchased in Asia, the idea was bolstered by a picture of a Japanese master practicing calligraphy and a large utopian formal that had been drawn on traditional Korean Paper.

From there, the idea seed planted, the group worked up the fragrance as a derivative of these three elements of inspiration – composed with incense, and a base of patchouli leaf, clover honey and dark amber – the adoxal top notes open up with a serious whiff of ink, before letting go, into the heady scent of an idea which started from the heart.

M/Mink Eau de Parfum
100ml Eau de Parfum - 1400 Swedish Kronor(approx $210 AUD)
50ml Eau de Parfum - 950 Swedish Kronor(approx $140 AUD)

Print Advertising done by M/M, Paris, France
Creative Directors / Art Directors / Illustrators: Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak
Photographers: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin


Everything looks better minimal. I am obsessed with these posters which trims back the fat on modern TV show advertisements. ooo imagine if they released a channel specifically for the creative types target audience with cult shows, reel-only spots and programming done to coincide with the hours we work (eg plenty of repeats for late nights and early morning hours). PITCH IT.

Clean 'im up Gov

Swept away by the clash and mash of style on style, collections and presents combined in one 'it works' environment. And then there is Joe & Co. barbers in Soho London (7 Greens Court, Soho London, W1F 0HQ, P: 020 7734 7000).

The brand identity, website, stationary and interiors were all designed by Hyperkit London and each element was made to fit with the idea of a deconstructed yet traditional barbershop.

There are plenty of recognizable features. Taking inspiration from workshops, sheds, garages – the unofficial residences of the contemporary clientele – the Joe & Co. space is fitted out in warm, natural material (English oak and power-coated steel) and the technical but not overly finished furniture (impeccably made by Takara Belomt and Joep Van Lieshout) retain a ‘traditional’ and organic feel in a straightforward way.

It’s easy to see where the logo took its influences from – the blue and orange a modern substitute to the traditional barbershop red and white pole and checked floors.

Snip Snip along if you're in that part of town.
* Checka the Pricelist
Monday / Sunday (CLOSED)
Tuesday - Friday (10A.M. TO 8P.M.)
Saturday (10A.M. TO 6P.M.)

i want to ride my bicycle i want to ride my bike

Christmas. It's around this time my eyes and ears start to perk up with what to fill my wish list with. This year, I want a fold-up bike. I want to have constant access to a set of wheels that let me cruise past the sand and the waves at twilight with my friends, hair whipping, laughing, slightly tipsy. Legs off the pedals, out to the side, ultimate freedom.

I then stumbled on Belarus-based industrial designer Igor Buturlia's "Cafe Racer" and have decided that maybe, this is a little bit more my style.


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