Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lost Vals - Cities of Gold (Do this shit!)

When you’ve seen the promotion material pumped out on some pretty cool websites and street mags, and heard the hype amongst those who count themselves as music aficionados, the expectation of an album release is often more than doubled. Sometimes this hype and PR spin is negligible, but in the case of Lost Valentinos Cities of Gold, it is more than warranted.

The debut album released by these Sydney boys is tight, and buzzing with pop punk-rock-pyscho fury that comes through in different forms as you journey through the twelve track album. Proving themselves worthy of claiming status in Euro over summer with Midnights, the album as a whole is unmistakably fantastic, with dirty vocals harmonically coating smooth electro production, with the bands original indie-rock edge still discernable (check Aussie single release, Thief). This is the same spectrum that major bands like Primal Scream have been judged on and conquered. To top it off, tracks like Happiness Made Easy and Great Leap Forward are almost White Lies ballard-esque, which means there is something here for everyone.

Pumped on repeat during a recent roady, Cities of Gold wreaks of Triple J Hottest 100 Australia Day dance moves (you could easily put money on Thief making it into the Top 10). Personal wish is that Francisco or Happiness Made Easy gets picked up by a rating bonanza reality TV show (think SYTYCD) so that these infectious tracks get a serious commercial look in. Forget all night long – this albums a definite pick for all-summer.

Buy Lost Valentinos Cities of Gold here.

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