Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Beach sounds

Pump-Pump-Pump it up for summmer! God I love love this time of year. And nothing beats long days on the sand, laughing with friends, listening to sweet tunes that you know are going to sound even better after a case of Pure Blonde on Australia Day when the Triple J Hottest 100 is pumping through huge speakers, and you're sliding down sand-dune slip and slides... (I digress...)

Anyway - these peach little Fexio Solar Fm Radio's are the perfect summer addition for said sand-lie-in. Each one is paper thin, and tunes to a specific radio station. Sure you may not want to be listening to Fbi all day, but for convenience, nothing beats them.

(And for the markers in the group... AWESOME premium idea for your cool-kid brands... consider the logo ops on the box and backside of the radios. Rad.)

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