Monday, July 19, 2010


honey. Beautiful packaging from Ah&Oh Studio, Poland (ul. Kochanowskiego 19/8, 60-846 POZNAN POLAND E: So simple and obvious, the gorgeous logo includes a smiling bees face and the hand calligraphed logo is soften and inviting.

Freelancers, who joined forces after finishing studies at the Academy of Fine Arts (Poznan), Magda Katek and Kamil Jerzkowshi built little Ah&Oh Studios in 2008. Located in Jazyce (somewhere very East) the two use an ultimate heart melting aim and apply it to all of their projects. Mainly dealing with graphic design, identity, branding and packaging, the team manage work that is incredibly beautiful but practical. And brief answering.

They have a blog which might need some check back (being under construction and all) but I'm excited to keep an eye open on these two.

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