Monday, July 12, 2010

Tis the season

... to be wedded. It's a wedding frenzy in my world at the moment. My beautiful friends are tying the knot so so soon, another amazing couple got engaged over the weekend, 2 awesome chickas I work with are in engagement bliss, and my little sister is in planning mode for her nuptials in February. I've been tasked with looking after tables at said wedding - which suits me just fine - and on my travels I have stumbled upon stunning ideas that might be a little hit of inspiration for those who are also thinking white.

Wedding invites are such a big deal. The stationary you provide is often the first glimpse at the tone of the day for many guests, and has such a big play on getting excitement mounting for the day. Sending the invitations can be such a pain in the ass especially if you have a lot to fit in one envelope. And to top it off, Australia post does do personalised stamps... IF you are happy to have a foul stock image adjoined to the one you choose for yourself.

Trump them by sending your invites with VerdeStudio's "unUsed" Vintage post stamps. If you live anywhere other than the US you may also need to attach a country stamp, but one up the post and use airmail instead. Its cheaper and the stamps are similar in vintage feel to Verde's. Cute are the country versions, especially if you met, found love, found a diamond, or perhaps are planning a vaca post wedding in a particular country.

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