Thursday, December 30, 2010

Swan Dive

I NEVER watch movies. 1) I can't find 3 hours to sit in one place and not be pulled to another and 2) unless they look beautiful I get too bored. In 2010 I saw two movies. I watched Inception (stoned) and was awed, but was breath taken away by Kanye's "Runaway" which changed my opinion on him as a musician and cemented him as one of my favourite artists (ego and all).

I may take the time however to see Black Swan. Not only because Natalie Portman is simply A+ but because these incredible art deco inspired posters promoting the movie and designed by Bemis Balkind are all types of amazing.

Responsible for J.Depp featuring "Alice in Wonderland" posters and the Ledger/Blanchett "I'm Not There" Dylan story posters Bemis Balkind probably have designed your favourite TV show or movies posters also. These, I want to stick on my wall.

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