Friday, December 3, 2010

Clean 'im up Gov

Swept away by the clash and mash of style on style, collections and presents combined in one 'it works' environment. And then there is Joe & Co. barbers in Soho London (7 Greens Court, Soho London, W1F 0HQ, P: 020 7734 7000).

The brand identity, website, stationary and interiors were all designed by Hyperkit London and each element was made to fit with the idea of a deconstructed yet traditional barbershop.

There are plenty of recognizable features. Taking inspiration from workshops, sheds, garages – the unofficial residences of the contemporary clientele – the Joe & Co. space is fitted out in warm, natural material (English oak and power-coated steel) and the technical but not overly finished furniture (impeccably made by Takara Belomt and Joep Van Lieshout) retain a ‘traditional’ and organic feel in a straightforward way.

It’s easy to see where the logo took its influences from – the blue and orange a modern substitute to the traditional barbershop red and white pole and checked floors.

Snip Snip along if you're in that part of town.
* Checka the Pricelist
Monday / Sunday (CLOSED)
Tuesday - Friday (10A.M. TO 8P.M.)
Saturday (10A.M. TO 6P.M.)

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