Monday, February 28, 2011


Do you remember when you saw Ken Park? If you saw it because it was refused classification in Australia...

For me it was when I was 20. In a dark foley studio, with three boys (including a new boyfriend) and I'd spent the day at the beach so was wearing a short, short skirt and thin singlet over a barely there bikini. Watching that movie, in those surrounds - cool, dark, deadly silent except for the sound on the screen - was one of those occasions that just sticks in your mind for no other reason than it was so out of the blue when it happened that my coping mechanism still is to giggle when the memory bubbles to the surface. Because if I thought about trying to put it in context, I'd have to ask myself long, hard questions.

It shocked me when I dug deep into Harmony Korine to realise that the man behind the lens for the recent Spring 2011 Urban Outfitters catalogue and the movie Ken Park. Analog photos that have been smashed in a way similar to the Byredo and M/M (Paris) M/Mink Eau de Parfum print campaign making the whole thing look and feel like art.

A taste of Ken Park for those that haven't seen it. Apparently so graphic it was banned from the 2003 Sydney Film Festival and the only trailer I could find was in German... The theatrical trailer poster should give you a clue to the themes of the movie.

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