Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vacanza? per favore?!

Feeling settled and nestled in the year, I would like to bottle some of the calm and drink it in, in a different place. One where you float through the days, close your eyes in the bright light, drift into darkness surrounded by quiet and open your eyes again when it's clean and serene.

The Riva, Florence might just be the place. A melting pot experiment fusing tastes, sense, lifestyle and the experience of Claudio Nardi and his daughter Alice make The Riva a home that is a mix of constantly evolving influences. Filled with a mixture of materials, furnishings, contemporary architectural detail and antique objects, The Riva is claimed as a 'cross-sectional landscape for curious minds'.

8 studios - each with hidden away entrances and built differently. Some with private terraces, gardens, or views of the surrounding areas. Some with furnishings that are deep and warm, others that are neutral and cool. All with access to the metaphysical swimming pool set in white sandstone that sinks into the private garden - what looks to be my favourite part of them all - the places to sink deeper and deeper and be reborn afresh.

Via Baccio Bandinelli 98, 50142 Florence
P: +39 055 7130272

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