Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Someone once told me that you can't love everything, you can't love the world. It's an interesting balance in the context of this current little moment. Ask those around me who are making their two a one and they might tend to disagree. For those twos that will be a future it's an exciting time and I am on watch for the tiny touches that might make things that little bit more special.

For one beautiful bride I am playing spotto on jewels and as a seriously gorgeous type, wearing designer on a rival frame, she could pull any type of style off. Recently I stumbled on these - adding an interesting element to what will be an unbelievable and unique day.

Find Taara jewellery here on Shop Des Créateurs website. Also in English for those that don't speak French.

Taara Long Drop Earring USD$88.00
Taara Citrine Glass Mixed Material Necklace USD$113.00
Taara Crystal Band Pearl Necklace USD$137.00

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