Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Girl Grown

Whilst the fascination with Emma Watson could be disturbing, her impeccable styling and attention to detail is inspiring. This isn't a fashion blog - but this little thing truly understands how piece on piece works and we think she has fit amongst all things MoHo.

Not only is she the face of Burberry, Watson's rocked out some truly inspiring fashion in the new Teen Vogue. We point you too... plum lips teal taffeta fox fur throws silk forehead bows velveteen jackets.

This little girl is something more than many women and exudes a cool, calm, nonchalance that many people only dream of. We can't wait until the range she is designing for charity is released. Not only because Karl Lagerfeld is her confidant on the project, but because this little poppet seriously can't put a foot wrong.

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