Monday, June 8, 2009

Lady is a tramp

Flicking through our fave used book store, we stumbled upon "Maripolarama" - a compilation art book titled are the gorgeous and talented Maripol... an 80's icon who was responsible for not only the rise of the club-rat-Polaroid photo that we're fans of, but also styled Madonna during her 'Like a Virgin' days.

French-American Maripol is also responsible for the simple nonchalant attitude that we're often picked apart for, the simple arrogance of two girls who live every single moment to make themselves happy which is often more confronting to people than following.

Maripol famously said of the 80's "We didn't know (we were going to be remembered) - we didn't care. We lived in the moment" and of the release of the decade long Downtown 81 project "You always have to pursue things if you really want them...You have to prepare and market and push and convince." Too true darling - we couldn't agree more.

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