Monday, June 15, 2009

Pretty Little Piece

It can be super hard to find something beautiful and original that says a lot but at the same time, not too much. Like at Valentines Day, or the birthday of someone who is special but maybe not 'defined' as special - you know you have to get them something awesome, but the standard or the kitch just wont cut it.

Rachel Carley ceramics are the perfect gift for those times of need. A PhD-er in architecture, and proud New Zealand-ite, Carley's beautiful ceramic pieces are a range of pastel lovelies that are just right for a special occasion.

Try on her Heart Plates on for size... they come in a series of colours - either opaque glass or translucent - and trust us when we say that this is a much nicer gift to receive than the standard perfume or gift voucher. Mums or newlyweds are sure to love the petal dipping bowls which are seriously beautiful.

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