Saturday, February 6, 2010


So literally just got back from the usual Saturday shop shop where I ended up dropping some seri-o coin on Angelica Bracelets from Santos Wish, and rose gold and blue agate drop earrings. Lucky for me, I've befriended the charming beautiful owners from many a store in my local area and one gorgeous girl who is possibly 1 outta 2 of my fave shop owners (the other being Ms Mclean & Page in Manly) snuck me a look of the latest Zimm. cossies to hit stores for first drop Spring/Summer 10/11. HOLY SHIT. It looks amazing.

I can't comment much on their Autumn Winter line that is just entering stores now, but summer is going to be a definite hot zone - think laser cut cossies, hardwear galore, beautiful floral prints, grey marle, lilac, teal and burnt amber. Saw what this hottie is getting in - and its incredible. Email me ( if you want a sneaky mention of where to get and when... first in best dressed ladies. Literally!
My weakness - Santos Wish charm braclets

My one and only "like" from the Zimmerman Autumn Winter collection.

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