Thursday, February 25, 2010

ooo yep!

Sooo while I think about birthday time I'm spottoing things that I'd love to keep me going for another 365 days. Its amazing how gifts from people can define how well someone knows you. My girlfriends ALWAYS get it right - last year was an insanely beautiful Erja Hirvi for Markimekko "Magnolia" wall hanging that in all of its dove grey, white and hinted oranges and greens is still the most amazing and favourite gift I've ever received. Work - once gave me a lemon quartz and saltwater pearl necklace that I treasure.

Something to add to my favourite things would have to be ed. 56 of VISIONAIRE - a tri-annual "magazine" encombassing art and fashion. Each one has a specific format and theme around which prominent artists, designers, photographers, and others guests edit the publication.

The most recent issue was developed in collaboration with SMART car with 365 works chosen and organised into an electronic daily calendar for new art today and every other day of the year. Can see this on my desk next to the vase full of peonies!

The gorgeous Erja Hirvi for Markimekko "Magnolia" print hanging on my bedroom wall! Thanks ladies! xx

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