Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NY Colder

Its definitely been one of "THOSE" days. I hate being negative, but this could almost be rendered one of "THOSE" weeks actually.
Feel like everything I touch is crumbling and like it needs a bit of the Midas touch to get things right.

Alternatively incredible frozen dairy goods could do it - like Popbar hand-crafted gelato on a stick (5 Carmine St. (@ 6th Ave.), New York, NY 10014, Tel. 212 255 4874).

Made with all natural ingredients, the gelato is blended using gorgeous fresh fruit, the very best dairy and flavours and a tiny amount of fresh Italian ingredients. Traditional but with a modern touch - the icy delight is served stick side up - which, lets face it makes it stacks easier to eat. And oh, I would love some of that lovely goodness right now!

Popbar, New York
5 Carmine St. (@ 6th Ave.)
New York, NY 10014, Tel. 212 255 4874
Premium Pistachio

Premium VanillaCream Premium with Hazelnuts

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