Monday, May 10, 2010


I love the hairdressers. I love the idea of going to a place that is all straight lines, and clean, and serene, and having a glass of wine or a peppermint tea, 20 minutes of relaxation looking at a naturally lit white ceiling, warm water running down the back of your neck while strong hands massage you, eyes closed, a blow dry. The whole idea of it is so so relaxing to me. I love it. (que Kasper Bjørke: Efficient Machine which is totally my hairdressing relaxation in a track!)

I also love that my hairdresser introduced me to Moroccan Oil - which is seriously divine and makes my hair feel like it's beyond healthy. Super cheap ($39.95 AUD for 100ml) this amazing stuff makes my hair shine like nothing I've ever used.

My Salon?
Shift Hair Salon, Manly

Shop 8/49 North Steyne, Manly 2095
02 9976 6588

Kasper Bjørke: Efficient Machine

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