Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I'm a bit of a joke when it comes to fashion. I really only dig about a handful of colours to wear because I'm not into standing out to people that I don't know (think shades of grey, navy and olive green) and I'm also fussy about shoes. I love a whole lot but I live in black gladiator heels (though the wedges have been getting a work out), moccs or leather booties and black Havianas. I'm simple and prefer to clash my patterns, live in organic materials and rather than rock something in your face, keep it pretty structured.

Guess there is something in knowing your style - if Andy can do it. Warhol only wore one style - the Ferragamo "The Creations" shoe. His final pair was auctioned after his death and featured a simple, turquoise paint splatter from the Factory. Ferragamo and Dover Street Market's are bringing out a limited edition replication shoe - complete with paint - for those big big fans. I think these are worthy of a look in - not only for the manufacture but also because they are simply wonderful.

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