Monday, June 7, 2010

wired #1

Sometimes things are white, and strong, and clean, and cool, and totally straight. There are the odd little soft cracks that let minimal pieces of soft pixel through, but mainly they are straight. Then ever so gently, the straight starts to waiver. Where once there was a line, suddenly you're faced with an all together different substance. Like running your hand through thick mud. So easy to grasp but flowing through your fingers. What do you do. You can grab it with two hands, cup it, mould it, and it becomes hard again but in a different form? Or do you let yourself fall wholly into it and sink and see where you land out of the bottom? It's a funny old world we live in. I wonder if I'll find the right answer. I wonder if looking at the world the way that Murakami does makes it easier to try and find the answer... or not try and find the answer.

Murakami World
Presented by Takashi Murakami
Wednesday 9 June - Friday 11 June
Salizzada San Samuele 3231
30124 Venezia, Italia (P: 041 5231680)

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