Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The long and the short of it

Once upon a long time ago, I cut my hair to the shortest of lengths. It seemed on a whim, spur of the moment. But really it was the critical point where changing my world was badly needed to reaffirm me to me through the depths of my early 20s. I loved it but I loved the lush of long and so have been growing it since.

I'm so in a rut with it as I launch into 20's Part II and have been debating the cut off until seeing Erika Altosaar's art and seemingly hair obsession. The Montreal based artist gave me re-newed eyes to look at my hair in a different light when I found one of her beautiful drawings which reminded me of a pic someone once took of my hair.

Altosaar's zine "L’Étranger" (GB03 Price: $8 / Signed $20) is an unbound portfolio of 12 drawings printed on 35# newsprint, each copy is numbered by hand and is collectible. Expect bigger things from Altosaar - her latest project? Afterzine - curated by Hamish Robertson and filled with the stylings of Altosaar as well as contributors including Alexa Chung.

hairspiration 1
hairspiration more

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jodeska said...

I love your long hair! I'm growing mine but miss the feeling of short hair. Redhead?


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