Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Chimney House

Macio Kogan is by far my favorite architect. Whether his beautiful work will ever translate into a property of my own is debateable however, Kogan's mix of textures, materials, and the creation of extremely detailed spaces is desperately and wantingly gorgeous.

With a perfect eye, Sao Paulo born Kogan graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in 1976. A cinema director until he was 30, Kogan draws on his passion for film and uses it as an influence in his architecture. All of his spaces are designed to be balanced and work in harmony together - and the interior design is done with the same detail. The winner of many major awards Kogan is an inspiration for many.

Alameda Tiete, 505 - Cerqueria Cesar
Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil
P: +55 11 3081 3522

Casa das Chaminés

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