Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In swirls and ribbons

Sometimes when you dream something hard enough, the thoughts materialise themselves into reality. The right people show up out of the blue and give you clarity, the right call comes just when you need it most, an opportunity puts itself right down in front of you. All of these things and more have left the last few weeks in a constant state of creativity overload, inspiring and driving, sucking me through a vortex of excitement.

Part of that has been the constant measure of art and advertising and looking for opportunities that were always there but just had to be grasped. Somewhere in the middle of that is this campaign, done to launch the Nike Free Run+ 2 City Pack series.

A collaboration between Nike, YesYesNo (an interactive projects company) and DualForces, software was developed allowing runners to create dynamic paintings with their feet – or more specifically their Nike+ GPS run data.
Over a two day workshop, participants recorded their runs and then fed these details into unique software. The output? A gorgeous visual based on the speed, consistency, and style – unique to each person. Taking personalisation one step further, each participant was given a customised shoebox - laser etched with their name, distance run and run path – containing a pair of City Pack shoes from their city of origin.

Nike City Pack is a collection of unique LunarGlide2+ designs that celebrate the world’s greatest running cities, and all those who charge through them.

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