Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Scary but true, Christmas is just around the corner. And while I'll happily do the standard cooked item for family - jams, relishes, rosewater lolly pops and the like - there are way to many cute things at cheerful-chic boutique, Sportsgirl. Faves below!

For Moller - Beach Sound Speaker $49.95

Perfect for some chilled Band of Horses, Jon Paull or Lykke on the sand this summer. We've all envied Jacqui's ownership of these wonders, so its high time that someone else is gifted with summer song.

For Nat - Ceramic Coffee Cup $19.95

Given her recent elevation in the corporate ranks to GM of a legal publishing firm, and her absolute addiction to coffee, seems like the perfect get for our little smart cookie wonder, Natalie.

For Cook - Perfect Fishy Wall Hanger $12.95

Happy to be home (her REAL home!) Jessie needs some pretty to liven up her new digs in the Lee / Toby / Michelle abode. Pretty and sweet, this lovely wall hanging will fit snugly between the photo prints of girls nights out looking glam.

For Llyne - Animal Key Ring $7.95

The queen of absolute cool, Ms Watt has a definitive style that incorporates high end designer with the quirky cool that the earth has to offer. Hard to buy for, this little sweets will make Llynnee smile endless.

For Jacqui - Butterfly Coat Hangers $14.95

Seriously, who DOES give coat hangers as a Christmas present? But when you consider Jacqui is owner to more Fleur Wood, Camilla & Mark, Cohen et Sabine etc than ANY other person I know (sans her sister Lydia), and is the girliest girl that exists, these seem kinda fitting... and also most to pretty to cover up.

For Bree - Etched Candle Holder $14.95

The QUEEN of Glasshouse candles - her room always smells Am-azing, Ms Plunkett will be in her element with a couple of these wonders. Small little tea lights tucked in tight, beautiful candle light dancing around her room, while we're all crowded into her bed laughing at ordinary TV.

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