Tuesday, November 3, 2009

we are righteous.

Did you back a Melb Cup winner? I did in Komono. While rebelling the stifling confines of the straight line and the colourless (eg 9-5 work ...) the loose sleeve amazing that my beautiful friend from Belgium, Raf Maes, sent me in Komono, sucked me whole of incredible sentiment and desire.

Combining a love for the colourful and the design/designed, these amazing pieces include an aspect of planning as a response to the anticipated problem of needing. Additionally, they result in a piece that can be left behind as a exploration of a solution that is critical for an everyday necessity of being. Consider YOUR living space without under pants, or sunglasses to block out the crowds and the night just passed (Christian - imagine if you didn't have those Wayfarers...).

Don't push a square peg into a round hole. PUSH a piece of something that defines YOU into your being, and revolve around the less than over designed, and the very possibility that everyone can participate in a shape of the world that they choose.

My choices? The Bond (in black gun metal) the Einstein (in yellow) Tyson (in grey). BANG.IT.
Raf Maes'theMasses + Mo + Natalie the wonder

the Bond (in black gun metal)
the Einstein (in yellow)
Tyson (in grey)

Sums it up really, yeah?

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