Sunday, November 8, 2009

Portable Sounds.

This is EPIC! About 2 weeks ago, at about 4am, my girlfriends and I hassled our gorgeous friend Russo aka The Mooch, to bring his sweet arse over to the party house in Eurobin St, Queenscliff to keep us up all night with his epic old school/new school hip hop party tunes. Unfortunately, he hibernated himself and didn't show, but if he had've been the owner of a Charlie Pyott portable, slim cased turntable concept - otherwise known as a Linos...

All you'd need to do is

1. Carry the player around, as needed.

2. Plug into a USB outlet, computer, or into an audio jack set as 35/45 RPM.

3. Push the side button to separate the base from the player. and chuck the record onto the spindle before reattaching the rest of the player.

4. Hit "on", raise the arm, spin the record, and place the head at the track you wanna drop.

BOOM. Insta party. Such an AWESOME Christmas present if it was a reality!

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