Sunday, November 8, 2009


Rarely am I consistent. Depending on my mood, the weather, the music I'm listening too, where I'm going (and who with), the time I wake up (list is endless...) I flit from one thing to another and kinda make up my mood as I go along with it.
One thing I AM consistent with however, is my recognition of karma. And while I sometimes forget the old adage "count to five" I am truly aware of how my actions impact the energy around me. Which is why I wear a Hamsa, or Chamesh Hand.

My first Hamsa was given to me when I was 18, by a lovely and very attentive Italian ex boyfriend, who I think thought I was a bit of a handful (even for myself) and I needed something to ward off the evil eye. Since then, I've moved onto my red string which never leaves my wrist. Ever.

The Hamsa hand (Arabic) or Chamesh hand (Hebrew) is an old amulet for magical protection from the evil eye and is known to draw positive energy, happiness, riches and health. The hand has five digits and is representative of the meaning of the number 5 (the protector). By pointing towards the floor, mystic Jews believe that the negative energy of the evil eye is directed away from the wearer.
The color red is significant within Jewish history because it was one of the items necessary to build the original Temple, and the thread came from a type of worm (considered as one of the lowest life forms - warranted or not - and yet it was intrinsic to the building of the Sanctuary. The red thread, reminiscent of the lowly worm, is a reminder that a person is no greater than the smallest, most insignificant element in the universe. It serves to remind that humility is the ultimate weapon against the "evil eye".

As the year comes to a close, and we start to wrap up and reflect on what we've left as our markers in the sand this year, I'm kinda thankful that my Hamsa has kept most of the negative backlash, that could have come from my wreckless actions, at the door. Make me feel like I'm taking some well learnt lessons into 2010, a little bit less scathed than others.

Want a Hamsa? Try One of a Kind.

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