Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nom Nom

There is nothing more satisfying than flicking the elastic band close-all, smoothing out the sewn spine, and tucking back the ribbon bookmark, of a brand new Moleskine. I own more than a few and currently have 4 floating around the inside of my handbag, all used for a myriad of different things. The cream colour paper, and rounded corners, a dream to attack with notes, memos, budget workings, boys details combined with pictures ripped from magazines shoved in alternate pages.

Moleskine has jumped on the Pac-Man bandwagon, releasing a five-piece collection including pocket and large hard cover notebooks and a colorful set of 4 large Volant soft cover notebooks in celebrative packaging. Decorated with pixilated imagery including the main-man Pac-Man, fruit imagery and classical video game lines such as "Game Over", "Insert Coin", and "High Score.the books come in four limited colours (yellow, blue, fuchsia and red, and all are embossed with a silver Pac-Man icon.

Buy them now from

The video to support the launch reminds me more than a bit of my favourite child time clip - the eggbeater ep of the Teeny Little Super Guy from Sesame Street!

Teeny Little Super Guy (Eggbeater)

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