Friday, October 29, 2010

Sydney3: x 3

Those afternoons, mainly Thursdays, when it's not quite the weekend, but the week has kinda petered out. And all you want to do is watch the November sunset over the city, slightly stinging your eyes as you yawn and slump further into the stained wood seat, as a cool wind blows, across a pretty little roof top bar.

Pop-up bar The Doghouse is quite the place for that. The outcome of the Drambuie "The Premise" competition, The Doghouse was fitted out by Adele Winteridge of Foolscap to be reminiscent of the 20's and is the brainchild of Melbourne cats Rob Dumaresq and Hugh Gurney. Open Thursday - Sunday for a limited time, visitors can get a taste of the casual cool that speakeasy bars stood for. Environmentally sustainable materials were used for the fit out - the stained plywood tables (that can be folded into the walls) are as per the original secret concealed spaces that the 20s bars were about. Vintage furniture is set out, to flow around a central birdcage, and bottles are used as decor, hoisted by a jute rope and pulley system.

The perfect place to stop pre-post art exhibition or simply to melt the weekaway. Shh don't tell - but its located at The (East) Village - 287A Liverpool St, Darlinghurst. Thursday - Sunday 6pm to 12am.

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