Monday, October 18, 2010


Summer is blowing in so, so gently, that it feels time to forget about the year and slip quietly backwards into an ultimate state of quiet. The simplicity of closed eyes, arms open, welcoming the freshness of a new year.

Nothing spells reflection like the environment you're in, and Paul Babera sums that up in a nut shell via his personal work "LOVE LOST" - an ongoing narrative of women in their space. A Melbourne-ite but spreading his love and works between Australia, and Amsterdam (and all that is inbetween), Barbera is an establish interiors and fashion photographer shooing for titles such as Elle Decor, Grazia and Vogue Living

A friend and an idol, PB is just so right. And makes me long for the sojourn skipping close by on the future. *for Guui

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