Monday, March 28, 2011


Back in 2009, when one Sloppy Joe who will remain (semi) nameless bailed up one part MoHo against a glass window while his wife to be was asleep in their bed, a slight little love of a real Joe was born. And Jaime Hince was voted Top 5. Same year Alison Mosshart made our Top 5 list of ladies du jour for her rock star antics and choice of male band-a-parts.

Years on The Kills still set a heart alight and the track leaks from their new album Blood Pressures (due for release April 5) are beyond excitement. All fuzzy and roughed up "Pots And Pans is The Kills at their slowest and lushable best.

The Kills - Pots and Pans (SXSW)

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