Monday, March 7, 2011

he, les gars!

Slowly. One. Two. No, it's not right. Shut. Breath. Slowly. One. Two. Shut. Open. Breath. And then it hits you and sucks you back, whipping past hour and hour, suddenly slowing near the start. Shut. Unfolding back through the night, this time walking past the memories. The events that made it what it was. Knowing that something changed. Maybe for the best. Maybe it was so surreal that you had no control and you had to throw yourself into it and you got caught up in it all and you wanted to be there and do that, but maybe you weren't ready. But knowing that unless you let it all happen, you will never run and take the leap. And no words can explain how it felt or what it meant to those that were not there. Try as you might, it's a bubble, a memory that only those that saw it, both through their own eyes but also through the eyes of someone looking down and watching from the sidelines, will remember.

Just like that the season's changed.

Sixpack spent their teenage youth living in the moment. Some say they wasted their lives, they say they made themselves. Finding a common culture, Sixpack made collaborations happen. Now a brand, that is constantly moving forward, or right, or left, transmitting through their own means and methods and in their own language. Making art reachable. As they say - "Every step is the first: we'll sleep when we are dead." Sixpack France.

Brume Jacket Blue 110,00 €
100% cotton Available in natural, black, and electric blue

Vercors Cardigan Black 105,00 €
Black cardigan 100% cotton Wodden buttons

Old Copper Pant Red
Red pants 100% cotton Stone washed

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