Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clean Shakti Soul

Sickness. Its your body's way of telling you that you're burning the wick beyond the ability to self repair. Everyday we're bombarded by an assortment of poisons - daily accumulations of metabolic by-products, environmental pollutants, processed foods and chemicals which result in toxicity within our bodies.

While the day to day can make it hard to truly focus on your self and its easy to be complacent, making your soul, body and energy into one focal point each and every moment becomes a way of life that can see you grow and blossom into your one true self.

There has been lots of press recently about the Shakti Mat. We found it a year or so ago after an acupuncturist recommended sweet home remedies due to killer days (and nights) working in the advertising industry. With around 6000 points of acupressure on the mat, it stimulates pressure points which increases blood circulation and promotes the release of happy hormones - endorphins and oxytocine (if you've never heard of this one, trust us, you want more of it...).

Most use the mat for back and neck treatment - helping headaches, confusion, excessive thoughts and stress - but to assist in realigning all of the energy points through the body, standing on the mat works all of the reflexology zones which can be found in your feet.

We're sharing one of our favourite ways to realign... essential as we battle through season change and being slammed with look as truly refreshed as beautiful Isabel. Enjoy x

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