Friday, August 28, 2009

Pop-ed Rocks

Luv-ahs abound atm, with plenty of weddings and prop's on the horizon. Its a beautiful gesture to let your loved one choose their own ring, but to have your ring chosen for you is sweeter still. Some of the sexiest couples we know choose their rings for each other, and while the George Jensen Centenary is uber super amazingly beautiful and modern and timeless all at the same time, we'd love something like the Love Rocks NY rings.

Made from 14k gold - and you want yellow... the white stuff is impure... not the way you want to start a lasting union - the band is fat and trendy and the diamond infinity symbol is crafted with beautiful hand set diamonds. Alternatively, we'd take a couple of the Crack Diamond Bands - pave set diamonds on an asymetric band, it beats your standard ring! Boys or girls - ship it in.

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