Tuesday, August 25, 2009

James Perse a go-go

PHEW! We're seriously in love with this guy.

James Perse was born in LA in 1972, and was thrown into an incidental education on fashion from Europe and Asia, on modern architecture, furniture design and on the elegant and the clean-line via spending days in his fathers casual-luxe store Maxfield.

A passion for minimalist architecture, west-coast living and casual cool inspires his range and influences his personal design philosophy and aesthetic, which incidentally, is very similar to ours..."low maintenance high fashion - emphasizing elegance and comfort, pairing sophistication with simplicity".

We love his website, and LOVE his furniture range. The Carbon Chaise and Colony Chair from the Malibu collection are peach, and on a hard wood deck, besides a still cool pool, have summer glam written all over them... The Craftmans Sofa and Chair from the Los Angles collection remind us of sexy tanned limbs and sweet sugar syrup cocktails...On top of that, the limited edition Cruiser and surf boards are amazing...Ahhh Perse you are a go-go!

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