Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Time is slipping pretty darn slow today as dreaded illness attacks. We needed a little pick me up to feel better and Bristish product and furniture designer, Oscar Diaz delivers the pretty.

"Ink Calendar" is a little piece of working art that tells the time in a sweeet kinda way. Made from paper and monthly colour co-ordinated ink (the colours are based on our perception of the year...ranging from oranges in Autumn to lush red and yellow hues for Summer etc), the days of the month are "printed*" as the ink is absorbed slowly each day. The calendar self-updates as your change the inks out each month which which enhances the general perceptions of time passing.

So beautiful, and so simple smart. Its hard to understand how people can have bland, bareness when a little peach like this makes life so exciting.

*The ink flow is based on capillary action - the tendency of a liquid to rise in narrow tubes or to be drawn into small openings. Think a dry paper towel absorbing liquid by drawing it into the narrow openings between the fibers. Science lesson DONE!

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