Monday, November 29, 2010

'em wacky kids

Those cats in Japan sure do have their thinking caps on. I often write about the gorgeous and different products that they release which are so "why didn't I think of that!" amazing. And given Christmas is just around the corner, these MicroWorks! products are on the list of possibles for gift giving.

MicroWorks! is the major works of 20-something designer Shunsuke Umiyama who began designing and making products when he was still a student. Including everything from product, furniture and accessory design, with wide varieties of materials and genres, Umiyama's products are all committed to the ethos of NO HUMOR NO DESIGN!! His manifesto?

MicroWorks design will stimulate a little but new found notice in your mind. The notice might make those ordinary things begin to look different. The notice may make ordinary behavior more enjoyable. The notice could change the ordinary view to a whole new world. Through MicroWorks design, you will find a little but new found glory in your everyday life.

Book Box: book shape holes make the organization puzzle fun, while you express your creativity too.

Mirror Vase: a standing hand mirror with beautiful vases silhouette

Adaptor Rangers: Little troops, equipped with the lifeline to restore your battery, charge it up!

Butterfly Magnets: make art on your fridge.

Musical Salt and Pepper Shakers: adds extra relish to your dish. Each hole plays a different musical note as you shake.

Tail Umbrella: Forget a boring umbrella strap. A little creature shakes it's tail as you walk.

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